Source: The Boomer and Carton Show

Hulk Hogan sat down with the Boomer and Carton Show recently. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Tonight's live event in Westbury, NY: "It starts at 7:30. We got Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray and all the TNA stars. So I'm excited because it's kind of like New York, I don't know how to explain it to you, but if I had to live anywhere other than where I live now this would be it because like yesterday I hit New York City, they still treat me like I'm a champion here. The people are ridiculously nice, everything is a positive word and it's kind of like just coming back to Westbury, I feel like all my old fans are going to show up like I'm still the champ. That's exciting to me."

His Q and A session after the TNA live event: "What I'm doing with the Garden marketing department is after the show tonight in Westbury, I'm slipping over as quick as I can to the Beacon Theater and it's kind of wild because I'm having something called Hogan Uncensored. It's a Q and answer session with all my wrestling fans, all the wrestling people that follow me, and it usually lasts an hour, two hours. But if it gets really intense we could go on forever.

"The wrestling fans are so smart. They know fights in the locker room that happened 20 years ago. They know about politics in wrestling. I've done it before with Hogan and Friends with a bunch of different wrestlers, and then a couple times I did it just with myself and my partner Eric Bischoff kind of like doing a Walter Cronkite announcer lead in lead out thing. But the weird thing is, most of the questions came to me, most of the questions people wanted to know about my career, my personal life and all the craziness, and then they're always curious about what happened in the locker room when Andre went after Bad News Brown? Or, what happened when Paul Orndoff wanted to beat up Vader when he was naked in the shower? The fans know so much, that depending on what type of crowd comes to the Beacon tonight, the energy could get crazy."

What three other wrestlers besides himself Hulk would put on a wrestling version of Mt. Rushmore: "Well brother, if we're going to go that over all the decades, you got to go with Bruno. He laid out the ground rules for what wrestling fans love as a hero. You got to go with Bruno, and then, I mean there's a lot of new guys right now that need to put on another 10 or 15 years and they can get there. You have to put Andre there. You definitely have to put Andre there. And then if I had to throw one more there, because he had such an influence and such a different view on this business, I'd out Stone Cold Steve Austin there.

"But then right after that, without a doubt you've got the Rock, whose just totally changing the dynamics of this business. I did 15 or 16 low budget movies. I cracked the door open for Hollywood. This guy just knocked the door wide open. I mean, he's taken the whole world by storm. You could put the Rock up there right now, but then there's also another guy, if we're going to go with the real legends, a guy that's still in the ring that has been around the sport for 25 years, a guy named Sting. So, you got Stone Cold Steve Austin, you got Sting, there's so many. It'd be hard to do a Mt. Rushmore for wrestling."

If the Jerry Lawler/Andy Kaufman angle really was "edge of your seat" exciting: "Well the thing was, back then there was still that mystique with wrestling. Even though I was kind of edging my way into the business, nobody said well this is an exhibition and the endings are predetermined. Even though those of us in the business knew that sometimes it could get really testy in there. Or sometimes guys might not want to let another guy win and there was egos involved. When that thing went down with Kaufman, we really didn't know, even the guys in the business, if that was really going on or not. The thing was, I know Lawler really well and Lawler and Kaufman didn't smarten Letterman up. When he threw the hot coffee in his face, it was pretty intense."

You can listen to the whole interview here.

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