ROH Supercard Of Honor VII Results

Winners: Tadarius Thomas and ACH

After the match, Evans gets upset with QT as the crowd chants hug it out.

Then, the commentary team talk about the Benjamin/Haas match being canceled due to Haas' sudden retirement as Shelton Benjamin comes out.

Benjamin says that Charlie Haas isn't there tonight. He says he doesn't know why Haas isn't there. He says he doesn't have a match on the biggest weekend in pro wrestling. Benjamin points at Cheeseburger and tells him to get in the ring, which he does. The crowd chants we want wrestling.

Benjamin tells him not to be scared. He says he hears Cheeseburger wants to be a wrestler, and that he saw him get his ass whipped by Charlie Haas. He says Cheeseburger earned his respect by standing up to Haas, and that everyone should give him a hand. He says Haas didn't show up because he heard Cheeseburger was going to be there.

Then, Mike Bennett, Maria and Brutal Bob come out to the ring. Bennett says the fans are predictable and pathetic, and tells them to shut up. He says Benjamin had a good point when he said it was the biggest weekend in wrestling. Bennett says he isn't on the card either. He says he is the hottest free agent in all of pro wrestling, and all of entertainment. He says he has wrestling companies, reality shows and record labels wanting to sign him.

Bennett says he is the greatest thing ever. He says he is the greatest, yet he has to sit there and listen to Benjamin and Cheeseburger. He says everyone is wondering what company he is going to. Cheeseburger snatches the mic out of his hand as the crowd chants Cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger says that Bennett and his father and his gutter s*** need to leave, and Bennett punches him. Cheeseburger falls to the mat and an employee drags him out of the ring. Benjamin says he found his match and hits Bob with a Samoan Drop.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Mike Bennett (with Maria and Brutal Bob)

Benjamin beats Bennett around the ring, slamming him into the barrier multiple times. They head into the ring, and Benjamin hits a body drop. Bennett whips Benjamin into the corner and charges him, and Benjamin moves. He hits Bennett in the back, and then stomps him in the thigh.

They exchange elbows to the head, and Bennett hits a Spinebuster. He kicks Benjamin in the face, and then whips him. He lands an elbow to Benjamin's face for a near pin fall, followed by a head lock. Benjamin fights to his feet and lands a back breaker. They exchange punches to the face as they both get to their feet. Benjamin gets a diving forearm, followed by an inverted atomic drop. He hits Bennett with a t bone Suplex for a near pin fall.

Bennett comes back quickly with the Box Office Smash for a near pin fall. He then hits Benjamin with a flying knee to the jaw. Bennett mocks CM Punk and tries to hit the GTS, but Benjamin reverses into a single leg Boston Crab. Maria gets on the apron and distracts the ref. Brutal Bob hits Benjamin with a shoulder knockdown. Bennett goes up top and lands a guillotine leg drop.

He rubs Maria, and then heads to Benjamin who kicks him in the head. Benjamin goes behind Maria, who thinks its Bennett, and starts rubbing up against him. Benjamin gropes her, and when she sees his hands she freaks out. Bennett tries to Superkick Benjamin, who moves, and hits Maria, who falls off the apron. Benjamin Superkicks Bennett for a near pin fall. He then hits Brutal Bob and lands a belly to back Suplex. He charges Bennett, who backdrops him to the apron. Bennett lands a sunset flip and pins Benjamin. Brutal Bob grabs Bennett's hands and Benjamin is unable to kick out.

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