ROH Supercard Of Honor VII Results

Anderson goes up top and hits a ace crusher for a near pin fall. Anderson then hits a powerbomb for another near pin fall. Strong comes back quick with a sick kick and hits a double knee gutbuster, followed by another sick kick for a near pin fall. They exchange strikes, and Anderson gets a near pin fall. Strong hits Anderson with multiple strikes, and then hits an ace crusher for the win.

Winner: Karl Anderson

After the match they hug in the ring.

Following the match, a recap of the events leading to the triple threat for the TV title is shown.

Matt Taven (c) with Truth Martini vs. Adam Cole vs. Matt Hardy- Triple Threat Elimination For The TV Title

Matt Taven comes out with his belt in his pants like John Morrison. Corino takes up the mic before the match to introduce Matt Hardy. He says Hardy changed wrestling, sports entertainment and life in general. The crowd chants f*** you Hardy and flips him off. Corino tells him not to worry about the crowd, he has over 800,000 Twitter followers. Corino says Hardy slept with so many divas it made CM Punk jealous (they are talking about CM Punk A LOT tonight).

Cole attacks Hardy and they roll around, punching each other. Cole kicks Hardy out of the ring, and Taven attacks Cole. Cole dives to the outside and takes out Hardy. Taven tried to dive to take out Cole, but Cole kicks him in the head. Cole tosses Hardy into the barrier multiple times. He goes to the apron, and Taven kicks him off. Taven then dives and takes out Hardy and Cole. He kicks Hardy, and then tosses Cole into the ring for a one count.

Taven whips Cole into the corner as Martini introduces his Hoopla hottie to Nigel McGuinness and she starts giving him a lap dance. Kevin Kelly gets up from the table. Back in the ring, Hardy drops Cole onto the ropes as the camera goes back and forth between Nigel and the hottie and the match. Hardy goes to the second rope and hits a leg drop on Cole for a two count. He then kicks Cole in the gut, and then slams his head into the turnbuckle.

Hardy and Cole exchange strikes, and Cole hits an enziguri. He kicks Taven off the apron, and then kicks Hardy for a two count. Cole picks Hardy up on his shoulder and then lands a flipping back breaker thing. He then locks in a figure four on Hardy as Taven goes up top and hits Cole with a splash. Taven kicks Hardy, and then drives his boot into Cole's throat. Hardy has Taven in the Twist of Fate position, but Cole breaks it up.

Cole tries to Suplex Taven, but Taven reverses and Hardy attacks from behind. Hardy tries to pin Taven and Cole at the same time unsuccessfully. Cole Superkicks Hardy, and then attacks Taven. Cole then puts Hardy on the top rope and Hardy hits him until he is hanging down. Taven goes over top of Cole and hits Hardy with a Superplex. Cole gets out of the corner, and runs into a side effect by Hardy.

Hardy drives Cole into the corner and hits Taven with a Twist of Fate. Martini gets on the apron and distracts the ref. Cole kicks Hardy in the nuts and then eliminates him. Hardy tries to plea to Nigel to no avail. Corino gets into the ring and offers to shake Cole's hand, but Cole tries to punch him. Taven attacks from behind off the distraction and hits a modified DDT for the win.

Winner and still champion: Matt Taven

Following the match, the buildup to the match between reDRagon and the American Wolves is shown.

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