ROH Supercard Of Honor VII Results

reDRagon (c) vs. The American Wolves- ROH World Tag Team Championship

Edwards and Kyle start things off. Edwards kicks Kyle. They tie up and Edwards hits an arm drag takedown. Fish comes in. They tie up and Edwards locks in a wrist lock. Fish trips Edwards and slaps the back of his head. They tie up again and Edwards comes out on top. Richards comes in and kicks Kyle. They double team Fish. Richards slams Fish into the turnbuckle, and Edwards comes in. They kick and chop Fish.

Fish backs Edwards to the corner, and Kyle comes in. He slams Edwards into the corner and kicks his chest. Edwards slams Kyle into his corner and Richards comes in. He stomps Kyle, and then locks in a cloverleaf. Kyle fights out and backs Richards into his corner. Fish comes in and lands a senton. He taunts Richards and then hits a snap Suplex. Kyle comes in and lands a pair of knees. He then locks in a body scissors on Richards.

Richards reverses into a submission of his own, and Fish breaks it up. Kyle drags him to his corner and Fish comes in. He kicks Richards in the chest tries to keeps the attack up. Richards fights out and hits a springboard enziguri. Edwards comes in and chops Fish in the corner. He whips Fish into the other corner. Edwards keeps the attack up and lands a fisherman buster. He goes off the ropes, and Kyle knees him in the back.

reDRagon tries to charge Edwards, and Edwards pulls the ropes down, sending them to the outside. The Wolves try a double dive, but reDRagon goes back into the ring. The Wolves hit a double hurricanrana, sending them out of the ring, followed by a double dive.

Fish and Edwards are in the ring. He keeps the attack up, but Fish reverses the attack and reDRagon end up hitting a dive/dropkick combo to the Wolves outside the ring. They send Edwards into the ring and double team him. Fish whips Edwards into the corner and hits a running knee to the gut. Kyle comes in and kicks Edwards in the chest. reDRagon tries to double team Edwards, but he fights them off with kicks.

Richards comes in and hits a missile dropkick to Kyle. He kicks Fish in the corner. Kyle charges, and Richards sidesteps him. He then kicks both men in the corner. He sends Kyle to another corner, and tries to keep the attack up. Kyle breaks it up and tries to get in offense, but Edwards makes the save. Kyle slaps both the Wolves, and ends up making Edwards dragon screw Richards.

Fish comes in to try and capitalize, but Richards locks an ankle lock on Kyle. Richards locks in another submission, and Fish tries to break it up. Richards grabs Fish in an ankle lock and has both Dragons locked in a submission at the same time. Kyle gets to the ropes, and reDRagon tries to capitalize. They all go back and forth with the offense, and all four men end up laid out on the mat. Fish holds Richards' arms, and Kyle slaps him. He tries to fight out, but Kyle spikes Richards' head to the mat for a near pin fall.

reDRagon tries to double team Richards (with Kyle on the top rope), but he sends Fish to the outside. He goes up top to attack Kyle, but Fish goes up to stop him. Edwards hurricanranas Fish into the ring, and Richards lands a superplex. The Wolves try for a Suplex/kick combo on Kyle, but he kicks out. The Wolves try several more big moves, but Kyle keeps kicking out. Kyle kicks out of a pin attempt, sending Richards to the ropes. Fish kicks him in the head from the outside and Kyle gets a roll up for the win.

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