- Trish Stratus announced at tonight's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony that she is pregnant and due in September.

- ESPN.com interviewed Stratus before tonight's Hall of Fame and was asked about her favorite WrestleMania moment.

"I remember seeing Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper and thinking how cool it was to see women in that role. But to me, the match that stands out is Ricky Steamboat versus The Macho Man," Stratus replied. "I was always a huge Macho Man fan growing up and I would cut his promos and stuff like that, so that to me, when I started wrestling, that's the match I looked to to see what made that match special. The ups and the downs that that match brought, it will always be one of my favorites."

When the interviewer brought up that she was getting into the Hall of Fame before Savage, she replied, "That is really crazy, I agree. Get him in there."

- Speaking of Cyndi Lauper at WrestleMania 1, Lynn Hoppes at ESPN has ranked her the top WrestleMania celebrity. Snooki (what??), Mr. T, Mike Tyson and Pete Rose rounded out the top 5.

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