WWE RAW Results - John Cena In Action, The Undertaker Confronted, More

Winners: Tensai, Brodus Clay, Cameron and Naomi

Mark Henry vs. John Cena

Back from a break and out comes Mark Henry for tonight's main event. If he wins this match, he earns a future WWE Title shot. Out next comes WWE Champion John Cena.

They go at it to start the match. Henry knocks Cena off his feet and stomps him. Henry steps on Cena's head as the referee warns him. Henry taunts Cena and works him over. Henry whips Cena hard into the opposite corner and he goes down. Henry misses a splash as Cena rolls out of the way. Cena comes back and knocks Henry off his feet with a shoulder. Henry goes to the floor and Cena follows. Henry slams Cena's head into the announce table. Henry takes the table apart and continues the attack, sending Cena into the ring post. Cena comes back and sends Henry into the ring post. Cena makes it in before the 10 count but Henry doesn't. Unexpected finish.

Winner by Count Out: John Cena

- After the match, Henry comes in the ring and runs over Cena. Henry drops him with a World's Strongest Slam. Henry holds up the WWE Title and gets some cheers. Ryback's music hits and out he comes to a pop. Ryback hits the ring and they trade shots. Ryback with the big clothesline. Ryback with a spinebuster that sends him out of the ring. Ryback gets the fans to chant "feed me more." Ryback turns his attention to Cena and the crowd pops. Ryback extends his hand to help Cena up and the fans boo. Ryback stares at Cena and shakes his head. Cena hits the corner to pose as the fans boo. Ryback gets the fans to chant again. Ryback drops Cena with a Meathook clothesline and the crowd pops. Ryback nails Shellshocked as the crowd cheers. Ryback tells Cena "up yours" and poses with the WWE Title. The crowd chants "feed me more" as RAW goes off the air.

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