Source: PWInsider

PWInsider reports that there were plans for Jack Swagger to win the World Heavyweight Championship, but they were dropped after Swagger's DUI arrest. We noted back in February that Dave Meltzer of stated that it was indeed the plan to have Swagger get the title, but that his arrest could change those plans.

The report also stated that Dolph Ziggler cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase last Monday on RAW had been the plan "for several weeks." They noted that the reason the Ziggler had been losing so much lately was to create challengers for his title after he won the belt.

That's something that WWE has done for awhile (case and point: Chris Jericho jobbing non-stop before winning the WWF Undisputed Championship in 2001). It's also a strategy that I find very flawed. Ziggler lost so frequently that you lost track of who beat him. Do you remember all the guys who beat Ziggler and think of them as top contenders for his title, or do you remember that a guy that lost all the time is now the World Heavyweight Champion? I could understand if they only had one or two guys beat him to set up a program, like Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho, but he lost so often that it meant nothing.

In an interesting note, we had posted an interview Monday morning that CBS-19 Cleveland entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet conducted with Ziggler at Axxess days before he cashed in. During the interview, Ziggler teased cashing in the briefcase on last Monday's RAW.

"Honestly, no," Ziggler replied when he was asked if he knew when he would cash in. "It's anytime. [On] Monday, [when] everyone's like 'yay, we did so great yesterday, let's talk about how great we did.' Boom! Maybe that's my time to strike, you never know."

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