- As noted earlier, all of Ryback's tweets were deleted from his Twitter account earlier today, a day after posting a tweet about John Cena's ex-wife. Since then, he posted the following tweet: "If you have something worth fighting for you have to fight for it. Being bred to b scared is the problem. Rules will be broken. #RybackRules"

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has posted his latest blog checking in from Mexico, where he is filming the third season of Redneck Island. You can read the entry at this link.

- WWE has an article looking at former WWF Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner, who today runs the "Rick Steiner and Associates" real estate firm. In the story, Steiner discussed signing with WWE in 1993 and the differences between WWE and WCW.

"In WCW, you had to come up with your own stuff," Steiner noted. "WWE had their vision, told you what was going on and you geared everything toward that."

You can check out the full article here.

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