- WWE posted the video above of John Cena and Daniel Bryan celebrating Kane's birthday in Moscow, Russia last week.

- Dolph Ziggler topped the ESPN WWE Power Rankings for the second week in a row. The Shield, John Cena, Ryback and Randy Orton rounded out the top 5. The Undertaker managed to crack the list at #9, with the website stating, "I didn't think we'd see Taker after Wrestlemania, let alone see him powerbombed through a table on Smackdown. Great to see The Dead Man helping Ambrose look like a legit main event threat."

- The Rock thanked the fans again on his Twitter for making his most recent movie, Pain & Gain, #1 at the box office, but admitted that it wouldn't stay on top with the opening of Iron Man 3 this Friday. Rock wrote:

"From your reactions #PainAndGain is becoming a 'cult classic'. Thx guys for making it #1! Aaand here comes #IronMan3 #ITakeThisKOLikeAMan ;)"

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