Booker T Talks Crazy Night He Won WCW Title, If He Wanted To Leave For WWE, Facing HHH At WM, More

Booker T: A lot of times, everybody remembers that stuff. I don't remember a lot of it. I remember winning the World title against Jeff Jarrett and against Rey Mysterio. The rest of it I don't even remember. With the Tag Team championship, I remember winning them the first time with my brother, maybe against the Nasty Boys or something like that.

But, I don't remember that stuff because I didn't wrestle for the memories for me. I wrestled for the fans' memories, and for them to enjoy, look back on and say, 'Wow, I remember where I was...' For me, it was always just a job for me. I don't have an ego or anything like that, thinking, Man, I've won all these titles, or anything like that.

I've been privileged to be the guy to represent the company in those times, winning those titles just due to the work being put in. That's what I try to stress to guys: if you're good at what you do, the title just comes along with it. If you're good at what you do, you don't have to worry about a check coming in the mail. Just go out and do your job. Do that and everything else falls into place.

If you start getting caught up in your own clippings, start believing in your own hype, look in the mirror and actually think that you're that person on television, you can really lose focus of who you really are. I just never wanted to do that. I just always enjoyed being just who I am. And on television, just try to make people happy and try to give them fond memories for many, many years.

WrestlingINC: I spoke with Dustin Runnels recently and he said that teaming with you was one of the funnest times of his career. You guys obviously had some great chemistry. Why do you think that was cut short or do you remember much of it?

Booker T: Oh, yeah. I remember all of that. [Laughs.] I remember the good stuff, the fun stuff with me and Goldie. I think it was cut short because they needed me in a more serious role. I think they needed me as a wrestler, not as an entertainer. Me and Goldie, we were entertaining for quite some time. I think it was cut short because of that.

We had our little run as Tag Team champions and I don't think it was something that was meant to last as long as it did. I don't think Booker T and Goldust were picked to last more than a month or so. But, with the chemistry we had, they just went with it. We just kept rolling with it and we just kept having fun.

That's the key to success right there if you just go out there and you have fun. No matter what you're doing. Booker T could have an ego with being paired up with Goldust after being the World champion and this and that. That's why I say you gotta take whatever the script is, take it and make it the best you can possibly make it. It might turn out to be the best stuff you've ever done.

WrestlingINC: During that time, you also got the singles push and you challenged Triple H for the title at WrestleMania 19. It seemed like for a point there that you were going to win the belt until Kurt Angle was able to face Brock Lesnar. Did you hear anything about you going over and then those planned changed?

Booker T: You know, I'm sure there was talk. You know, I have no control over that. I know a lot of people wanted me to go over, a lot of people thought I should have gone over because of the way the angle was being played out. As far as him saying that he was better than me and people like me shouldn't be in that position.

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