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- Impact starts with message for Red Cross donations to the tornado victims of Moore, OK.

- We go to a highlight video of Abyss' return. Will he be back again? Will AJ Styles join Aces & 8's?

- We go to crowd shots from Tampa, FL.

- Hulk Hogan's music plays and he comes out in the red and yellow to his hometown crowd. He gets a nice reaction and he says it is great to be home. He talks about drinking at the bar with Shark Boy. Hogan switches gears to AJ Styles but says he won't dwell on it. He says all these fans are family but he also has his TNA family. Hogan calls out Sting.

Sting gets in the ring and Hulk tells him he is the GM and Sting doesn't have to do this "no title shot" stipulation. Sting says he is the one who said to trust Bully Ray and he wants to take the power from him. Sting flubs his line really bad and stutters. Sting says if he doesn't succeed, he doesn't ever deserve to be champion again.

Brooke Hogan's music hits and she comes to the ring. She says she is the one who fell in love with Bully and it's not up to Sting or Hulk to fix this. She says she fell for the bad boy. Brooke says she loves the Knockouts and she loves being here but she believes she messed everything up and she wants to resign. Hulk tries to talk her out of it but Bully's music hits.

Bully comes to ringside and says it isn't Sting, Brooke, or Hulk's fault. Bully says this is his fault, to a sea of "WHAT!?!" from the crowd. Bully says he actually blames Brooke for making him fall for her. He says he thinks of her night and day. Bully says he and Brooke have a connection and he still loves her. He shows his ring and says he will never take it off. His music plays and he leaves as Brooke cries in the ring.

- A Suicide vignette runs. He returns next.

- We're back as Kenny King has joined commentary and Joey Ryan makes his entrance. Petey Williams is out next. Christy Hemme introduces Suicide.

Suicide vs. Joey Ryan vs. Petey Williams

Suicide jumps the ropes and as soon as the bell rings he goes to work. Suicide mixes it up with Williams in the ring with Ryan on the floor. Williams hits a dropkick to the back of Suicide's head and he goes to the floor. Ryan comes in and takes over on Petey. Suicide comes off the top with a head scissors takedown on Ryan as he puts oil on his chest.

Suicide knocks Petey to the floor and pulls a Spiderman on the ropes. Petey comes back in for a suicide dive onto Ryan to the floor. Suicide springs to the apron and hits a 450 onto both men. All 3 men are in the ring now. Suicide missed from up top and Petey tries to capitalize. Ryan takes out Williams with a superkick. Suicide drops Ryan on the groin (quite fitting) for the 3.

Winner by pin: Suicide (Suicide moves on the X-Division match at Slammiversary.)

- Chris Sabin approaches James Storm in the back and talks about their history as part of great tag teams. He wants to be Storm's partner. Storm basically says thanks but no thanks. We go to a commercial.

- Brooke approaches "Mark" in the back and she is all broken up. She wants to know if he really still loves her. He says yes he does and walks away, leaving her in tears.

- Velvet Sky and Mickie James talk in the back. Mickie wants Velvet to sit out tonight and wait to be 100%. Velvet says she will be OK and that she is ready. They say they love each other and hug.

- We go to the ring for Sam Shaw's entrance. We go to footage of his Gut Check win last year. Alex Silva's music is interrupted by the Aces & 8's music. Wes Brisco leads DOC and Garett Bischoff out and he cuts a promo about how he deserves to be in this Gut Check tournament. He says he left Silva bloody and beaten in the parking lot.

The Aces & 8's trio get in the ring and maul Shaw. Magnus' music hits and he clears the ring of the brotherhood. Magnus grabs a mic and says all they want to do is "gang attack" people. He says Brisco doesn't deserve to be in the tournament but he gets a match with him (Magnus), right now.

Magnus vs. Wes Brisco

Wes gets in the ring and Magnus pounds him into the canvas. Back from a break to our impromptu battle. Wes has taken over on Magnus throughout the commercial. Magnus creates distance and fires back. Magus catches Wes off the top and slams him with a suplex. Magnus goes up top and DOC and Garett interfere as the ref rings the bell. Magnus starts to get taken apart but Samoa Joe comes to the rescue and clears the ring. The finish isn't announced.

- Back from a commercial to a Hall of Fame video. Who will be the next inductee? Find out at Slammiversary on June 7.

- Aces & 8's talk in the back over beers. They can't believe Bully still loves Brooke. Bully says he doesn't want to talk about personal things. They switch gears to AJ Styles and Bully says AJ won't let them down; he looks over at D-Lo Brown.

- We go to footage of Kurt Angle at The Olympic Wrestling Trials. Angle talks to media outlets about wrestling being dropped from the games.

- Kurt Angle is introduced by Christy Hemme and she gets tripped up when announcing where he hails from. Kurt does not put his crotch in her face. Mr. Anderson is introduced as we go to another commercial.

- AJ arrives on his motorcycle in the back.

Kurt Angle vs. Anderson

We join the match as Angle takes Anderson over in a headlock. They reset and Anderson takes over with strikes in the corner. Angle reverses and goes on the offensive. Angle stomps Anderson in the corner. Kurt hits a nice snap suplex for 2. Anderson moves in the corner and Angle gets hung up on the ropes. Anderson takes advantage by grinding his boot in Kurt's face and then he sends him in for 2.

Anderson starts to work the left arm of Angle and covers him for 2. Anderson stops an Angle comeback and hits a clothesline for 2. Back to the left arm with an armbar. Angle creates some space and hits a missile dropkick off the ropes but he is unable to capitalize. Angle catches Anderson in a belly-to-belly for 2. They go back and forth with quick counters and Anderson gets 2.

Angle hits a trifecta of German Suplexes. Anderson avoids an ankle lock and hits the Mic Check but Angle kicks out. Anderson takes time going up top and Angle pops up from the mat and brings Anderson down the hard way.

AJ shows up and Taz goes and embraces him. Angle is distracted; Anderson hits a low-blow in the ring behind the ref's back for the win.

Winner by pin: Mr. Anderson

Anderson approaches AJ through the crowd and they acknowledge each other as AJ turns and walks away.

- James Storm is on his way to the ring to reveal his partner.

- Gail Kim gloats and brags in the back to the cameras. Taryn attacks her and throws her into furniture. Taryn is pulled off of Gail and Gail retreats and calls her crazy. Taryn continues to kick and scream.

- A James Storm highlight package is shown spanning from his early days up until last week.

- Chavo and Hernandez have joined commentary. James Storm makes his way to the ring. He says he has been part of two of the greatest tag teams is history. He is interrupted by Bobby Roode and Austin Aries on the stage.

Roode says he is the king of tag team wrestling and that his 4 years in Beer Money were the worst of his life. Storm says it isn't his fault Roode can't hang with the beer drinking. Bad Influence come on the stage for shenanigans and jokes. Storm stops the nonsense as

Shark Boy's music hits and he makes his 'Austin strut' past the two teams on the stage. Shark Boy cuts a promo in the ring complete with "WHAT?!?" chants. He gets a "Shell Yeah" from the crowd that they want to see him team with Storm. Robbie E interrupts and comes to the ring. He says Storm doesn't want to team with a loser like Shark Boy. He pulls out a list of tag names: Beer Bro, America's Most Bro...etc.

Shark Boy and Robbie argue off-mic as Gunner jumps in the ring. Gunner double clotheslines both men and lays them out and gets in Storm's face. Storm says he will see Gunner at Slammiversary and they shake. The heels on the stage are not happy. Chavo and Hernandez are amused at ringside.

- Joseph Park gets a pep talk from Sting in the back. Sting tells him he needs Park to set up the re-return of his brother. Park says he isn't in contact with Abyss. Sting says he will settle for the next best thing: Joseph Park. They will team next week against Aces & 8's.

- We go to a Slammiversary card rundown.

- Mickie James is introduced to the ring followed by Velvet Sky.

Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky (c) vs. Mickie James

The ladies shake hands and here we go. ODB is the ref. Mickie James works the arm and Velvet reverses and they go back and forth with counters and near falls. Velvet hits a basement dropkick for 2. They exchange strikes in the center and Mickie goes to a full nelson as she picks up the intensity.

Back from a break with Mickie in charge in the ring. Velvet goes on a tear and Mickie can be heard calling spots to her. Velvet is still so green. Mickie reverses in the corner and has to be called off by ODB. Velvet hits the spinning head scissors but Mickie clips her knee with a wild look in her eyes. Mickie hits a DDT for the win.

Winner by pin And New TNA Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

Velvet favors her knee on the mat as ODB tends to her and Mickie celebrates.

- A nice AJ Styles video package is shown about the question of his allegiance.

- Bully and Co. toast, in the back, to Anderson for beating Angle. They toast again to AJ Styles. We go to commercial.

- Aces & 8's makes their way to the ring, lead by Bully Ray. Anderson has a vest for AJ. Bully shuts the music off and cuts a promo about who they are. He says no member is more important than the other but when someone screws up, he gets dealt with like D-Lo. Bully praises Anderson for what he has done for the club.

Bully says that tonight is about one man. He calls out AJ Styles and he saunters to the ring. Devon opens the ropes for AJ to get in and Bully says that is the biggest sign of respect he could have shown him. Bully says everyone wants a piece of AJ but AJ knows where the power lies.

Bully hands AJ a beer and says it is no secret that AJ doesn't drink but he wants AJ to 'cheers' him and drink with him. He says AJ can give his heart to Jesus but his soul belongs to the club. AJ slams his beer with Bully and he guzzles it down. Bully is impressed and asks Anderson to give their brother his colors. The crowd chants, "You sold out."

AJ begins to don the vest and Anderson asks to help him put it on as Angle's music hits. Angle cuts a promo on his way down the ramp and he tells AJ to go ahead but he will see Angle at the PPV. AJ slips into the "cut" and he embraces all the members in the ring. Bully raises AJ's hand as Angle rushes the ring but is beaten down. They hold Angle for AJ and Bully hands him a hammer. AJ hits Angle in the knee with the hammer and throws Angle to the floor. They all pose, shoulder to shoulder, for the camera.

All the members of Aces & 8's turn around to pose to the crowd with their backs to the hard camera and AJ swings DOC around and clocks him in the head with the hammer and hits Garett in the gut before escaping to the ramp. Aces & 8's begin to give chase as we go off the air. Bully Ray is beside himself.

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