TNA Impact Results: Whose Side Is AJ On?, Five Big Names Return, Storm's Partner Revealed & More

Winner by pin: Suicide (Suicide moves on the X-Division match at Slammiversary.)

- Chris Sabin approaches James Storm in the back and talks about their history as part of great tag teams. He wants to be Storm's partner. Storm basically says thanks but no thanks. We go to a commercial.

- Brooke approaches "Mark" in the back and she is all broken up. She wants to know if he really still loves her. He says yes he does and walks away, leaving her in tears.

- Velvet Sky and Mickie James talk in the back. Mickie wants Velvet to sit out tonight and wait to be 100%. Velvet says she will be OK and that she is ready. They say they love each other and hug.

- We go to the ring for Sam Shaw's entrance. We go to footage of his Gut Check win last year. Alex Silva's music is interrupted by the Aces & 8's music. Wes Brisco leads DOC and Garett Bischoff out and he cuts a promo about how he deserves to be in this Gut Check tournament. He says he left Silva bloody and beaten in the parking lot.

The Aces & 8's trio get in the ring and maul Shaw. Magnus' music hits and he clears the ring of the brotherhood. Magnus grabs a mic and says all they want to do is "gang attack" people. He says Brisco doesn't deserve to be in the tournament but he gets a match with him (Magnus), right now.

Magnus vs. Wes Brisco

Wes gets in the ring and Magnus pounds him into the canvas. Back from a break to our impromptu battle. Wes has taken over on Magnus throughout the commercial. Magnus creates distance and fires back. Magus catches Wes off the top and slams him with a suplex. Magnus goes up top and DOC and Garett interfere as the ref rings the bell. Magnus starts to get taken apart but Samoa Joe comes to the rescue and clears the ring. The finish isn't announced.

- Back from a commercial to a Hall of Fame video. Who will be the next inductee? Find out at Slammiversary on June 7.

- Aces & 8's talk in the back over beers. They can't believe Bully still loves Brooke. Bully says he doesn't want to talk about personal things. They switch gears to AJ Styles and Bully says AJ won't let them down; he looks over at D-Lo Brown.

- We go to footage of Kurt Angle at The Olympic Wrestling Trials. Angle talks to media outlets about wrestling being dropped from the games.

- Kurt Angle is introduced by Christy Hemme and she gets tripped up when announcing where he hails from. Kurt does not put his crotch in her face. Mr. Anderson is introduced as we go to another commercial.

- AJ arrives on his motorcycle in the back.

Kurt Angle vs. Anderson

We join the match as Angle takes Anderson over in a headlock. They reset and Anderson takes over with strikes in the corner. Angle reverses and goes on the offensive. Angle stomps Anderson in the corner. Kurt hits a nice snap suplex for 2. Anderson moves in the corner and Angle gets hung up on the ropes. Anderson takes advantage by grinding his boot in Kurt's face and then he sends him in for 2.

Anderson starts to work the left arm of Angle and covers him for 2. Anderson stops an Angle comeback and hits a clothesline for 2. Back to the left arm with an armbar. Angle creates some space and hits a missile dropkick off the ropes but he is unable to capitalize. Angle catches Anderson in a belly-to-belly for 2. They go back and forth with quick counters and Anderson gets 2.

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