TNA Impact Results: Whose Side Is AJ On?, Five Big Names Return, Storm's Partner Revealed & More

Angle hits a trifecta of German Suplexes. Anderson avoids an ankle lock and hits the Mic Check but Angle kicks out. Anderson takes time going up top and Angle pops up from the mat and brings Anderson down the hard way.

AJ shows up and Taz goes and embraces him. Angle is distracted; Anderson hits a low-blow in the ring behind the ref's back for the win.

Winner by pin: Mr. Anderson

Anderson approaches AJ through the crowd and they acknowledge each other as AJ turns and walks away.

- James Storm is on his way to the ring to reveal his partner.

- Gail Kim gloats and brags in the back to the cameras. Taryn attacks her and throws her into furniture. Taryn is pulled off of Gail and Gail retreats and calls her crazy. Taryn continues to kick and scream.

- A James Storm highlight package is shown spanning from his early days up until last week.

- Chavo and Hernandez have joined commentary. James Storm makes his way to the ring. He says he has been part of two of the greatest tag teams is history. He is interrupted by Bobby Roode and Austin Aries on the stage.

Roode says he is the king of tag team wrestling and that his 4 years in Beer Money were the worst of his life. Storm says it isn't his fault Roode can't hang with the beer drinking. Bad Influence come on the stage for shenanigans and jokes. Storm stops the nonsense as

Shark Boy's music hits and he makes his 'Austin strut' past the two teams on the stage. Shark Boy cuts a promo in the ring complete with "WHAT?!?" chants. He gets a "Shell Yeah" from the crowd that they want to see him team with Storm. Robbie E interrupts and comes to the ring. He says Storm doesn't want to team with a loser like Shark Boy. He pulls out a list of tag names: Beer Bro, America's Most Bro...etc.

Shark Boy and Robbie argue off-mic as Gunner jumps in the ring. Gunner double clotheslines both men and lays them out and gets in Storm's face. Storm says he will see Gunner at Slammiversary and they shake. The heels on the stage are not happy. Chavo and Hernandez are amused at ringside.

- Joseph Park gets a pep talk from Sting in the back. Sting tells him he needs Park to set up the re-return of his brother. Park says he isn't in contact with Abyss. Sting says he will settle for the next best thing: Joseph Park. They will team next week against Aces & 8's.

- We go to a Slammiversary card rundown.

- Mickie James is introduced to the ring followed by Velvet Sky.

Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky (c) vs. Mickie James

The ladies shake hands and here we go. ODB is the ref. Mickie James works the arm and Velvet reverses and they go back and forth with counters and near falls. Velvet hits a basement dropkick for 2. They exchange strikes in the center and Mickie goes to a full nelson as she picks up the intensity.

Back from a break with Mickie in charge in the ring. Velvet goes on a tear and Mickie can be heard calling spots to her. Velvet is still so green. Mickie reverses in the corner and has to be called off by ODB. Velvet hits the spinning head scissors but Mickie clips her knee with a wild look in her eyes. Mickie hits a DDT for the win.

Winner by pin And New TNA Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

Velvet favors her knee on the mat as ODB tends to her and Mickie celebrates.

- A nice AJ Styles video package is shown about the question of his allegiance.

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