TNA Impact Results: Rampage-Angle Showdown, Hardy Vs. Bully In Ladder Match, BFG Qualifiers Begin

- Bully and Mr. Anderson drink in their lair. Bully wonders if Anderson has seen D'Lo. Anderson says he thinks he has a headache. Anderson says the important thing is that the VP spot is open. Bully asks for suggestions. Anderson says a lot by not saying anything. Bully complains about having to face Hardy tonight. He says Aces & 8's need a representative in the BFG Series and he is going to do something about it. Anderson asks if Bully needs any "assistance" in his match. Bully says a good VP knows how to make that call and walks away. Anderson asks himself, "So does that mean I'm VP?"

- Kenny King and Roode & Aries make their entrance followed by James Storm, Gunner, and Chris Sabin.

Roode & Aries and Kenny King vs. Storm & Gunner and Chris Sabin

Sabin and King start us off. Sabin holds on to King's arm after a deep armdrag. King gets rocked in enemy territory and things break down with all 6 men in the ring. Sabin flies onto all 3 opponents through the ropes. Sabin and King continue in the ring. Aries hits Sabin from behind and the heels take over. Roode tags in and keeps control of Sabin. Roode hits a suplex and drops a knee for 2.

Sabin tags Storm who goes crazy on Roode. Aries rakes the eyes and drops Storm across the top rope as he jumps to the floor from the apron. Aries tags in and gets 2 on Storm. The heels make quick tags as they stay on top of Storm. James Storm creates some space and leaps for the tag to Gunner. Gunner hits a suplex to King but Roode & Aries break the count. Gunner gets hit with a spinebuster by Roode. Storm takes out Roode but Aries hits a missile dropkick to Storm's face. Sabin hits an Enzuigiri to Aries and a springboard DDT to King. Sabin hits Hail Sabin for the win.

Winners by pin: Roode & Aries and Chris Sabin

- The new Knockouts Champion, Mickie James is all smiles and on her way the ring.

- Devon and Knux continue their search for Abyss in the building. They think they have found him and rush into a room...

- We see footage of the fantastic Knockouts match from Slammiversary.

- Brooke Hogan and Taryn Terrell talk in the back. Taryn is beaming as Brooke praises her performance on Sunday. Taryn asks about Bully Ray and Brooke says to keep it about wrestling. Interesting.

- Mickie James is introduced to the ring. Taeler Hendrix makes her entrance.

Mickie James vs. Taeler Hendrix

Mickie applauds Hendrix with over-the-top enthusiasm as she enters the ring. ODB is our referee. The ladies lock up and Hendrix goes to an armbar. Mickie reverses and Taeler puts Mickie on her butt. Mickie applauds her and tries to get the crowd in to it. Mickie holds on tight to a side headlock. We get a "Cena Sucks" chant from the crowd. Now they are chanting, "Yes!"

The ladies shake hands in the center of the ring and lock up again. Mickie goes behind to a waistlock. More back and forth. Taeler lands a kick to the gut and Mickie complains to ODB about her knee. Mickie hits a cheap shot as Taeler goes to check on her. Mickie hits a spin kick for the win.

Winner by pin: Mickie James

- Knux' shadow gets attacked by Abyss' shadow in the back. Abyss tosses Knux' body back against the wall in front of Devon's feet and we see the shadow approach Devon from behind like a horror movie. Devon turns around and we see him and Abyss trade shots. Abyss sends Devon into the wall and gets down in his face and says he is taking the TV Title to the abyss.

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