Source: Reddit

Colt Cana recently participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Here are some highlights of what he wrote:

Why his WWE run didn't work out: "Lol... Scotty Goldman was NOT Gold I was signed because 10 WWE Wrestlers recommended me who had known me for years. NOT because I was scouted or known about. The higher ups didn't really know me OR get me. I don't think WWE higher ups ever understood the reason why people like me. So I think I was just kinda f--ked from the start."

CM Punk name dropping him during his infamous promo: "I knew he had a live mic and was gonna say whatever he wanted to. When he waved to me, i just kinda paused and had a HUGE SMILE on my face. I was more proud of him for doing the promo then thinking about him saying my name though"

If there was any talk of WWE hiring him after Punk's promo: "ZERO attempt. Johnny Ace gave me a dark match outta pitty I believe (lol, awe...sad) and never had any intention of doing anything with me."

Who should be in the big leagues: "BRISCOE BROTHERS have a license to print money! WWE legit told them no, 4 years ago. 'Not Cosmetically Pleasing' ITS f--kING PRO WRESTLING!!!!!! Moondogs weren't playgirl centerfolds...they were f--king pro wrestlers!"

Much more is contained in the AMA, you can read it by clicking here.

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