DDP Doubts Jake's Story And Discusses What's Next, Jake Talks Setback In Latest Video

Diamond Dallas Page posted the video above following Jake "The Snake" Roberts recently falling off the wagon. I spoke with Page about the incident, who admitted that Roberts suffered a setback and drank alcohol one night while he was on the road.

"He pulled himself out," Page said. "It just wears on me because if anything happens to them [Roberts and Scott Hall], it happens to me."

When discussing the incident, Roberts claimed to have just had two drinks, which Page said was "candy coating it."

"It wasn't just two drinks," Page admitted. "I wasn't there, but from the behavior that I heard about, it wasn't just two drinks."

Page noted that his deal with Roberts was for him to attend rehab if he fell off the wagon. Page consulted Roberts' therapist, who said that Roberts never completed the 12 steps, and suggested that he continue to live with Page while completing them.

"If there are no consequences from his actions, he'll easily slip back into his old habits. He's back on the positive trail now," Page said. "He's doing 90 meetings in 90 days. He's got the goal board up and he's already marking sh-t down."

Page said that Roberts would head to rehab if he falls again.

"Like I've said before, my house is not a rehab center. There's no f-cking discussion [if he falls again]," Page said. "It's like, 'go to rehab bro.'"