- Impact kicks-off with a recap of last week.

- We go to the back as Bully Ray calls over the camera guy and cuts a promo in his sunglasses and title on his shoulder. He angrily paces and addresses the Brooke Hogan engagement rumors and says, "You move on, when I say you move on."

- Aces & 8's come to the ring and Bully says it is time to take care of business. Bully addresses Chris Sabin and gets a huge "What" treatment. Bully says that they will vote on the new VP tonight; not the fans, this is personal club business. Bully says "no" to the MEM's previous challenge.

Main Event Mafia comes on the stage with Kurt Angle and Sting in suits and Joe and Magnus in gear. Angle stands in the center of the group and cuts a promo on Bully. Sting takes the mic and says that before the end of the night, Bully will be introduced to a "heavy hitter" 5th member of MEM.

- X Division Champion Chris Sabin walks in the back. Will he hand in his title for a shot at Bully Ray next week at Destination X?

- JB and Christy Hemme stand on the stage. Christy draws names from a lottery tumbler to reveal the teams for the first of three Joker's Wild tag matches. The winners will advance to the Gauntlet where the winner will win 25 points in the BFG Series. Jeff Hardy is drawn first and he makes his entrance. Joseph Park is his tag partner. Their opponents are... AJ Styles... and Samoa Joe.

Joker's Wild Tag Match: Jeff Hardy & Joseph Park vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

Park quickly tags out and Hardy and AJ mix it up. Hardy hits a front suplex for 2. Styles backs Hardy into the corner and Joe tags himself in for punishment on Hardy. Samoa Joe gets 2 on Jeff Hardy. Joe hits the Enzuigiri in the corner and tags AJ. Styles applies the Calf Killer on Hardy but Joseph Park comes in to break it. Hardy legally tags Park and he goes crazy on Joe, knocking him down twice and delivers a big back bodydrop to AJ. Park is fired up. Styles flies off the top rope and connects with a forearm to Park. Joe makes Park tap to a rear naked choke.

Winners by submission: AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

Joe and AJ bumps heads after the match and they are separated.

- Taryn Terrell stretches in the locker room for her Ladder Match, later against Gail Kim for the #1 Contendership of the TNA Knockouts Title.

- Jay Bradley is the first name drawn for our 2nd Joker's Wild. He is joined by Hernandez. They will face Mr. Anderson and... Magnus.

Joker's Wild Tag Match: Mr. Anderson & Magnus vs. Hernandez & Jay Bradley

Anderson puts out his hand to Magnus as a fake gesture that he will start the match. Magnus motions for Anderson to be his guest. Anderson dances around the Hernandez and runs and slaps Magnus on the chest to tag him. Hernandez tags Bradley and he locks up with Magnus. Magnus hits a nice high knee for a 1 count. Hernandez tags in and Magnus puts him in an armbar. Magnus goes to tag Anderson but Anderson pretends to have something in his eye. Hernandez and Jay Bradley start to slowly take Magnus apart.

Anderson encourages a hot-tag from Magnus but he drops off the apron to the floor and laughs when Magnus tries to tag him. Magnus rolls Hernandez up out of nowhere for the win.

Winners by pin: Magnus & Mr. Anderson

Anderson applauds Magnus from the floor and sarcastically tries to give him a high five.

- Austin Aries and Bobby Roode talk strategy in the locker room. Daniels and Kazarian interrupt them and they talk about being the final four in Joker's Wild. They are confident they will be chosen together.

- Back from a break as Daniels' name is drawn next. Austin Aries is chosen as his partner. Bobby Roode is next followed by Kazarian.

Joker's Wild Tag Match: Daniels & Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode & Kazarian

Kazarian and Daniels go to lock up but they stop and do a secret handshake and Daniels tags Aries. Aries takes control with signature finesse. Daniels tags himself in and saves Kaz' behind: he tells Kaz to tag Roode. That was pretty clever. Roode takes over and Daniels runs and tags Aries.

Aries and Roode pause for effect, then go at it. Aries goes to the apron but Kaz gets involved and takes Aries to the floor. Kaz stomps Aries on the floor as we go to break.

We're back to action with Kaz in control of Aries in the ring. Aries rolls through a Fade to Black from Kaz and gets 2. Roode and Daniels tag in and Roode hits a spinebuster for 2. They go back and forth and Daniels hits a Rock Bottom. Aries tags himself in and hits a missile dropkick to Roode. Kaz comes in for the save with a vicious but beautiful DDT. Daniels breaks the cover and Kaz can't believe it. They argue. Daniels and Kaz are legal. Kazarian rolls up Daniels and Aries leaps in for the save but he is too late.

Winners by pin: Kazarian & Austin Aries

Daniels and Kaz appear to make up in the ring when Daniels raises Kaz' hand.

- Aces & 8's are on the way out to vote for the new VP. Taz says he has to go.

- The Knockouts Ladder Match is next.

- We're back from a break for hour 2. Hogan approaches Brooke in the back and they quietly argue about Bully. Brooke wants to focus on the Ladder Match. Hulk tells her to go ahead and focus on business, "all of it."

- Aces & 8's stand in a circle in a parking garage. Bully says he is counting himself out of the vote. They chose to follow Bully, so he will let them choose who they want as VP. Anderson and DOC vote for themselves. Wes votes Anderson. Devon votes DOC. Garett votes Anderson. Taz takes DOC. It's 3 to 3. Knux takes a swig of beer as DOC puts his bottle out. Knux hits his bottle with DOC and says Anderson. DOC is fuming at him. Bully declares Anderson the VP and they applaud. The all walk off and DOC and Knux have words. Knux tells him this is not bout DOC but about the club. DOC tells him to go on and walk somewhere. Knux says, "Imma pray for you boy."

- TNA Knockouts Champion enters and takes a seat at ringside. A contract for the Knockouts Title hangs high above the ring. Gail Kim makes her entrance. Taryn is out next.

Knockouts #1 Contender Ladder Match: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Gail attacks Taryn as she steps through the ropes. Taryn overtakes her and hits a spear through the ropes to the ramp. Gail retrieves the ladder from the ramp and they fight for it in the ring. Taz re-joins commentary. They go back and forth. Gail runs up the ladder in the corner flies off but Taryn side steps. Taryn sets the ladder up in the center. Tenay asks if Taz remembers their last match. Taz says, "Of course I remember, I called it."

Gail sends Taryn face-first into the ladder and begins to scale it but Gail pulls her off. Gail goes for the figure-4 on the ring post but Taryn kicks her in the face. Back from a commercial as Taryn and Gail trade shots at the top of the ladder. They both take a tumble and hit the top rope. Taryn sends Gail under the ladder and then shoves it in her face. Taryn finds another ladder from under the ring. She makes a scaffold with the one Gail is setting up in the ring and the ropes. Taryn places Gail on the horizontal and goes up top but Gail rolls off. Gail applies the figure-4 to Taryn around the ladder. Taryn writhes in pain as Gail scales the ladder.

Taryn meets Gail up top and chokes her out with Gail's feet dangling in the air. Taryn drops Gail but she legitimately can't reach the contract. ODB holds the ladder for her but still no good. Gail gets up and Taryn hits a crossbody off the ladder and then goes down with knee pain. Taryn and Gail climb on the horizontal ladder and Taryn goes for a bulldog. Gail slides through and Taryn bulldogs the air and hits the canvas. Taryn chokes Gail by the ropes but Gail ties her hair around the rope and climbs the ladder the retrieve the contract. Great match!

Winner And New TNA Knockouts #1 Contender: Gail Kim

- Sting and Angle are seated in the back as the camera peeks in their room. They talk about picking the right 5th member of MEM. Sting's phone rings and he leaves the room. Angle breathes a sigh of relief that the 5th member finally called.

Back from a break and Sting comes back in the room and says, "Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Perfect." He hangs up the phone. He tells Angle that "he" will be here in a few minutes.

- AJ Styles is introduced first for the Gauntlet Match followed by Magnus.

BFG Series Gauntlet Match (25 Points): Magnus, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Roode

Magnus and AJ lock up and go back and forth to some "boring" chants. Yes, that match will be hard to follow. The clock counts down and Kazarian is out next. OK, so this is an over-the-top-elimination match; basically a mini Royal Rumble and eventual battle royale. This is technically not a gauntlet match. Samoa Joe joins them next and starts to speed things against Kaz. Magnus takes care of AJ in the corner. AJ eliminates Kaz. Joe goes crazy with shots to AJ as we go to commercial.

Mr. Anderson came out during the break and Bobby Roode comes out as we return. The match goes to pin or submission when it gets down to the last 2. Joe clotheslines Anderson over the top and he falls out himself also. It's down to Roode and Magnus. Roode hits a spinebuster for 2 and cranks back on his head on the canvas. Magnus counters out and puts Roode in the Texas Cloverleaf. Roode reaches the ropes to break the hold. Magnus comes off the top with an elbow but Roode moves. Quick paced back and forth; Roode rolls Magnus up, Magnus rolls through with his powerful legs and pins Roode.

Winner of 25 points by pin: Magnus

- Chris Sabin and Hulk Hogan walk, separately, in the back. It's time for Sabin's decision, next.

- TNA General Manager Hulk Hogan makes his entrance to the ring to a nice ovation. Say what you will but this guy can still draw; just by standing in the ring, he doesn't have to wrestle. By the way, Hogan has on a leopard do-rag. Leopard. He calls Chris Sabin out who cuts a promo about his dream of wrestling and watching Hulk as a kid. Sabin says he wants the World Title and Hogan applauds with pride. Sabin hands over his belt as Bully's music interrupts.

Bully comes to the ring and tells Hogan to tell his daughter that they have unfinished business. He switches to Sabin and tells him he must be delusional and warns him not to hand his belt over. Sabin says he was the one who pinned Bully in Team 3D's retirement match and he was the only one to ever kick out of Team 3D's finisher. Sabin says he will beat Bully and ask if he knows who Sabin is. Bully warns him not to do it but Sabin defiantly hands the title to Hulk. Bully says Sabin just signed his death warrant and says he will have to fight his whole family.

Aces & 8's begins to file in. MEM's music hits and they come to the stage. Sting says Sabin will face Bully one-on-one. He introduces their heavy hitter: Rampage Jackson. Jackson comes out on the stage to join his partners and the Main Event Mafia raise each others' arms as we go off the air.

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