Mark Henry Talks About MITB And His WWE Future, Responds To A Wrestling Legend, More

Ken Patera Excerpts on Mark Henry from Interview from March 29 2013

On if Mark Henry being called the "World's Strongest Man" is a compliment, how he feels about it:

Well it's just. I was the real athlete. I was world class shot-putter and discus thrower. Hammer thrower, everything I did I excelled at. And Mark was a big, strong guy you know but he was never in my class. I mean he never even came close to any of my records. And that was 20 years after. Like I tell everybody, records are meant to be broken. That's why when I came up, I broke all the records of the great Paul Anderson. He was the world's strongest man 20 years before I came along. And then Mark Henry came along 20 years later but he never—you know Mark's a big, strong guy but he wasn't in my class. I don't know what his records—I military pressed more than he could clean and jerk.

On Mark Henry calling in to say that he was one of his idols:

Yeah well Mark is the world's strongest wrestler now. You know since I retired. I mean there is no question about that. Is that what you're looking at? I've met Mark a few times, he's a nice guy. He called in today? Well say hi to him for me. Well his mentor when he was training for the Olympic Games was a guy by the name of Terry Todd. And Terry Todd back in the day wrote an article on Andre the Giant for Sports Illustrated. It was like a four-five-six page article. Did you guys ever see that? Well Terry came up to the WWF and with Vince McMahon's permission traveled around the circuit with Andre. And wrote a hell of an article about him. But yeah and Terry Todd's the one who told me about Mark Henry before I even knew. I never knew who Mark Henry was. He says oh yeah this guy is gonna come up and break all your records, Ken. And I said well records are meant to be broken. You know, god bless him but he didn't achieve any of those goals.

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