This episode of WWE SmackDown came to us from Houston, TX. It was built around last week's decision of Alberto Del Rio getting the opportunity to choose his opponent for SummerSlam, and a No. 1 contenders match following unacceptable decisions of Ricardo Rodriguez and the Brooklyn Brawler.

Cody Rhodes vs. Jack Swagger was a decent match, which fulfilled its purpose of continuing to build Rhodes as a legitimate babyface. This, still, is one of the best current decisions of the WWE, as the live crowds are consistently behind Rhodes. If done properly, he can be one of the top babyfaces in the years to come.

Big E. Langston vs. Sin Cara was an appropriate match to develop Langston as a heel leading into a potential match against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam. Despite all of that, I wonder; when was the last time Sin Cara won a televised match? Feel free to answer this trivia question in the comments section. More importantly, why hasn't he found a permanent home in NXT yet? Similar to Jinder Mahal, he'd probably do better competing there.

CM Punk vs. Fandango was a good match, and Fandango has shown with his matches with Jericho, Orton and Punk that he as an athlete can hang with the big boys. Johnny Curtis has the potential to have a bright future, but the Fandango expiration date of relevance is rapidly approaching. I've always compared him to Val Venis, but it may seem as if Venis' career may win in the longevity department with the road that Fandango is going.

AJ vs. Kaitlyn was an average match, and I doubt that any of their matches will ever match the bout between the two at Payback. The Layla heel turn was rather predictable, but it could have been executed a lot better. Standing in front of Kaitlyn before attempting a spear has much less impact than sweeping her leg while she is bouncing off the ropes, or hitting her with the Divas title while the referee was distracted by AJ.

Christian vs. Randy Orton vs. RVD was by far one of the best triple threat matches in the history of the WWE. There have been a number of fantastic triple threat matches, but the one that rises to the top that others should be compared to is Undertaker vs. Rock vs. Kurt Angle for the Undisputed Championship back at Vengeance 2002 (shown below).

The match on SmackDown was absolutely a match that other wrestlers should not be prideful enough to look at to get some pointers from. The spot of the night was unquestionably when Orton powerslammed RVD from the rolling thunder. Such excellent timing and execution. Christian winning was also a good decision, and winning the title at SummerSlam would be one as well. He has been developing such great momentum over the past few weeks, and the fans are once again behind him due to his commendable talent. Kudos to the WWE for this main event.

What are other WWE triple threat matches that can be candidates of being the best ever? Sound off below.

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