Total Divas opens up with a recap of last week's show.

Things go straight to Jo Jo and Eva Marie walking out to RAW during a Fandango match. They talk about how they feel they're meant to be in the WWE. Eva Marie says Fandango is one of the biggest up and comers. She decides she can be his dancer, but she doesn't want to be in developmental forever. She sees being dance partners with Fandango as her way into the main roster.

Then, the Funkadactyls are shown going through their gear to get ready for the night. Ariane talks about shaking up their wardrobe after being bumped from Wrestlemania. They decide they want to get a second person to help make their outfits because they feel they don't get what they want from the WWE seamstress.

Next, Nikki and Brie are backstage. They talk about going on a couples swap experience at John Cena's house in Tampa, and then at Daniel Bryan's house in Aberdeen.

Eva Marie and Jo Jo are back, this time talking with Natalya. Eva Marie mentions she wants to dance with Fandango as he walks up and greets them all. Fandango expresses interest in giving Eva Marie a tryout dance. He tells her to let him know before leaving. Eva Marie feels she has the right stuff to make it happen.

The Bellas are then shown talking to Road Dogg backstage as he gives them a rundown of what he wants them to do in the ring against the Funkadactyls. Then, the Bellas talk about their characters and Twin Magic as they show bits and pieces of the match.

Next up, Eva Marie is shown talking to some talent relations people. She pitches the idea of trying out to be Fandango's dancer. She lies and says she is a trained dancer. They give her the okay as long as Fandango's on board.

Jo Jo is then shown talking to Fandango. She talks up Eva Marie dancing with him. Eva Marie walks up and says that she can make it work as he leaves to take a shower. Eva Marie asks if she should scrub his back. Then, Jo Jo and Eva talk about dancing and Eva says that she doesn't know how to dance.

Back from commercial and The Bellas, Bryan and Cena are shown loading their gear onto a bus headed for the airport. Brie is excited because it's been a long time since her and Daniel went on vacation. Nikki is excited to show Brie and Daniel how she lives and her life of luxury with Cena. They're all shown eating on the plane, talking about Eva Marie. Nikki is angry that Eva said something about being Cena's tag team partner. Cena says he likes Eva because she is bold and attracts attention to herself.

Back in Florida, in Eva and Jo Jo's room. Eva's boyfriend Jonathon shows up and she kisses him. She says they have been dating for two months and she is excited to see him. Jo Jo is amazed that Eva has a boyfriend. Jonathon pulls out a box of donuts from the same shop that they went on their first date. Jonathon says he knew he wanted to be with her forever after 20 minutes. He proposes and puts the ring on her finger. Eva shows Jo Jo and she is excited.

Things head to California and Ariana is with her boyfriend Vincent, driving. She calls a guy in Hollywood about gear for her and her tag partner. She talks about what they want to the guy.

Next, we go to Tampa at Cena's house. Brie and Daniel walk to the kitchen after waking up. Cena and Nikki are eating. Brie says her and Bryan aren't used to how extravagant it is. Cena and Nikki give them a tour of his giant house. Cena has an elevator in his closet that leads to his room. Cena's pool is then shown, followed by his guesthouse, which apparently is bigger than Bryan's house in Washington.

Brie and Nikki then drive one of Cena's cars and Brie is scared. Brie says that her and Bryan enjoy a simpler, more low key home, but she does like Cena's house.

Then, things go back to Eva and Jo Jo's room and Jonathon leaves. Eva talks about becoming more focused on being Fandango's partner. She gets ready to go out with him. Jo Jo questions if Jonathon knows Eva is going out with him as she takes off her ring.

Back from commercial and we're back at Cena's house. He and Nikki are swimming in the pool as Brie and Daniel come out. Cena tells them they have to dive off his rock cliff by the pool. Brie says she feels like she is in a rap video when she's at Cena's house.

Things head to LA as Ariane walks into the costume designer's shop. His name is Mike. She tries on the new outfit and likes it a lot.

Eva Marie is then shown walking into a restaurant. Fandango comes in wearing a white blazer with blue pinstripes. They reminisce about when they first met (when Fandango kissed his own hand) and talk about her being hot. Fandango asks if she's ever danced and she lies and says she has. They eat and Eva thinks it's going well. She thinks they have great chemistry. He then asks her to go to a club with him later.

It's later on in the night and Eva meets him at the club. He asks her to ballroom dance with her. They're then shown talking at a table. Fandango calls her beautiful and she expresses she feels uncomfortable because she really doesn't know how to dance.

Back from commercial and Cena, Daniel and the Bellas are headed to the airport to go to Aberdeen. Cena and Daniel propose a wood chopping challenge, boys vs girls. If the girls win the get massages every week for a month. They arrive in Aberdeen and drive back to Daniel's house. Nikki says she loves the trees but doesn't like the rain.

Daniel's house is a small, cabin-esque house that used to belong to Daniel's parents, his childhood home. They show a way funny picture of Daniel as a kid. Nikki is worried because she feels Brie is giving up a lot to please Daniel. Cena and Nikki then talk to Brie about if she feels it's Big Enough to raise kids with Bryan there.

Then, Trinity is shown talking to Ariane on the phone about the new costumes she got. Jo Jo and Jon Uso are shown sitting on the couch. Jon makes fun of the way Ariane talked on the phone.

Things head back to Aberdeen and the wood cutting contest starts. The Bellas do it in skimpy little tops to try and distract Cena and Bryan, but the guys take off their shirts too. The Bellas got eight chops, so Cena and Bryan have to get 25 to win. Nikki says her boyfriend is the Terminator. Brie says she loves the fact that her boyfriend looks like a lumberjack and it's hot. Bryan takes forever and doesn't chop any, so the Bellas win the contest. Nikki and Cena are in the bed talking. Then, Nikki leaves with Brie to buy wine.

Brie says she is freaking out a bit about leaving California, where she loves it, to live in Washington with Bryan. They walk through a field near a waterway, and Brie says she doesn't think it's fair she can't change Bryan's house. She feels she is sacrificing a lot to be with him (in terms of where they live). Nikki says she should talk to Bryan about not living in Washington all year round.

Back from commercial and Eva is in Tulsa for RAW. She's looking for Fandango, but can't find him. Jo Jo tells her she needs to come clean to him. Eva says the dancing thing has gotten out of control. She finds him and tells him she's nervous. Fandango tells her not to freak out on him.

Eva walks up to Natalya and she likes her outfit. The Funkadactyls walk out and they're excited to see Eva dance. Natalya says Trinity is a professional dancer, if she needs help. Then, Fandango and Eva are shown heading to the stage for their tryout. Eva's freaking out because she doesn't know what to do.

Back from commercial and Eva talks about her audition and the fact that she's in over her head. All the other show divas are out to watch the audition. Eva comes out for the dance and is terrible. Trinity expresses how bad she is and the female talent relations person walks off angrily. Fandango walks off a bit angry too. The other talent relations person walks up and calls her out on her lie.

Then, the Funkadactyls are shown and Trinity doesn't like the outfit. Her female parts poke out too much. They go to the seamstress to try and get it fixed. The Funkadactyls tell her they didn't want to go behind her back, but they need her to fix it. The seamstress doesn't want to help them and makes Ariane say sorry. She does and the seamstress still says no.

The Funkadactyls have to put on old gear for their match. Trinity tells Ariane she can't make the seamstress angry anymore. Then, the Funkadactyls entrance is shown.

Eva Marie is then backstage in the TV office. Stephanie McMahon walks in and says that Eva embarrassed herself and the company and that it's not okay. Eva thinks she's going to be fired.

Back from commercial and Eva and Stephanie are still talking. Eva says lying isn't the right way to go. She says she said it because she thought she could do it. Stephanie asks what would have happened if the put her on RAW. Eva says she is disappointed in herself and that it won't happen again. Stephanie says she hopes not, because if it does she'll be fired. Then, a preview of next week's show is shown to end the program.

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