- WWE sent out a press release stating that the company "amassed" 20 million viewers over the past week, which includes RAW, SmackDown, Total Divas, Main Event and WrestleMania 29 on NBC. Of course, if that were unique viewers, it would mean that more people watched WWE programming last week than any other show on broadcast television. Just taking a quick look at the numbers, RAW did 4.18 million viewers, SmackDown did 2.7 million, WrestleMania 29 on NBC did 1.9 million, and Total Divas did 1.5 million. I don't have the numbers for WWE Main Event, but if we're being generous and give it 1.5 million viewers, then that's a total of 11.78 million viewers. However, counting each hour of RAW separately brings the total to the 20 million figure. Again, that is total viewers, not unique viewers.

- Variety published a story based on WWE's press release at this link. The Variety story stated that WWE reached 20 million "unique" viewers, which is ridiculous.

- ESPN has an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, who discussed life after pro wrestling. In the interview, Stratus revealed why she left the business.

"People thought I retired to start a family, but I was just ready to leave the business," Stratus said. "Athletically, I achieved everything I wanted to, and I'd worked with everyone I wanted to. I was really fulfilled. It felt right."

- South Florida Sun Sentinel writer Michael Casagrande tweeted the photo below of the new Miami athletics facility, which features a dedication to The Rock in the football locker room. The Rock had donated $1 million to the Miami football program in 2007.

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