- WrestlingINC.com reader Austin passed this along regarding the fans dressed as Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, Jake Roberts and Dusty Rhodes in the first row at last night's RAW: I was at Raw and there were some guys dressed as Hogan, Savage, Flair, Jake The Snake, a bad Dusty Rhodes and I believe Piper also. We started a chant for them one at a time during the Randy Orton - Cody Rhodes match and the Superstar would stand up on their chair and begin to flex for the crowd. At one point, Orton even looked at them during the match. After the main event dark match, CM Punk walked to the group and began to talk with them. The Ric Flair look-a-like tried to give Punk his fake Hall of Fame ring.

- WrestlingINC.com reader Chris Pellack sent these notes about the fans from last night's show: There was a whole group of "Legends" at the RAW in Des Moines last night. The guys were dressed like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Jake The Snake Roberts, "WWF" Dusty Rhodes (w/ polka dots), and Roddy Piper. When the action in the ring went outside to the announcer's right, the guys mugged for the camera a bit, which started the Ric Flair "Wooo's."

When the action went back to the ring, a chant started for Hogan, to which "Hogan" responded. A security guy went over to him and asked him to sit down. The crowd then started chanting for "Savage". He responded to the crowd and the security guy went over to him. Rinse / repeat for "Jake The Snake" and "Flair," with the security guy asking them to sit down each time. The crowd went nuts for them as soon as they came down the aisle before the event began, so it really wasn't anything new for the Orton / Rhodes match. It was more of a spontaneous response to a slow starting match.

There was also a botched scene during the commercial break before the Orton - Rhodes match started. Brad Maddox came out and tried to remind Cody how important the match was for his career. The Jumbotron, however, was playing a commercial for WWE baseball caps behind Brad, so they cut the whole thing of Cody speaking. "Little Naitch" went over to Cody during his response to take the mic.

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