WWE Smackdown Recap W/ Video: Bryan, Rhodes And Goldust Vs. The Shield, AJ Takes On Brie Bella

CM Punk vs. Big E. Langston

Punk locks in Langston's waist, but Langston breaks the hold. Punk locks in a side headlock. Langston gets out and hits a shoulder knockdown. Punk hits a kick to the head and then goes to work on Langston's arm. Langston hits a body avalanche in the corner. He strikes Punk. Punk fights back with elbows to the head. Langston charges Punk against the ropes. Punk pulls the ropes down and Langston crashes outside. Punk leaps out at him, but Langston catches him and slams him into the apron.

Back from commercial and Langston has a single leg Boston crab in. Punk gets to the ropes. Langston drops Punk's gut across his knee and then pulls his head/neck back. Langston goes for a running splash, but Punk puts his knees up. Punk hits elbows and kicks. He whips Langston and hits a heel kick. He goes for a swinging neckbreaker, but Langston shoves him away. Punk tosses Langston outside and hits him with a dive through the ropes. He tosses Langston back inside and hits a cross body from up top for a near pin fall.

He hits Langston with his high running knee. Punk goes up top and hits the Macho Man elbow drop for a two count. Punk signals for the GTS. He picks Langston up, but Langston gets out. Langston hits a clothesline and his running splash. Langston signals for the Big Ending. Punk wiggles out and kicks Langston in the head. Punk hits the GTS for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

Paul Heyman, Ryback and Curtis Axel come out and Heyman congratulates Punk for his win over a mediocre rookie barely out of NXT. He says at Hell in a Cell Punk will be facing a pro, a caged animal. He says Punk wants no part of Ryback or himself. He says that he is the best in the world.

Punk takes up a mic and says he's not best in the world, he's an idiot. Punk says they will be locked in a cell, so Heyman won't be able to run away. He says like an animal, he is going to put Ryback to sleep. Punk says he is going to put both of them through hell. Paul says hell ain't no bad place to be and they all walk down to the ring. Punk meets them and they start fighting. The numbers game gets the better of Punk. Things head into the ring and Langston gets up and helps Punk. Langston destroys Axel and stares at Heyman.

Back from commercial and Del Rio is waving a Mexican flag in the ring. Josh Mathews is there as well for an interview. Mathews says that at Hell in a Cell, Del Rio will be facing Cena and then the Cena hype video from RAW where Cena talks about how the WWE was always his dream is shown.

Mathews asks Del Rio for his thoughts on the video. Del Rio says he's Mexico's greatest import and champion. He says that the crowd is a bunch of gringos and lack Mexican passion. He says John Cena is a gringo. He asks whom Cena thinks he is. He says Cena shouldn't come back from surgery and go straight to a fight with the champion. He questions Cena's sanity for coming back so quickly and says he is growing soft. He says Cena's ego grows by the day, but after he loses at Hell in a Cell, he'll be like all the gringos in the crowd: nobody.

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