Ken Shamrock Says Mark Henry Rib Led To Heat With Triple H; Talks TNA, Kurt Angle, Dana White

Possibly facing Tito Ortiz in TNA: "Tito beat me three times already, so for me to get a rematch with him in pro wrestling, it would be fun."

Possibly facing Kurt Angle in TNA: "The one thing I would love to have with him is an 'Ankle Lock Match,' where as you can't win any other way before you put an ankle lock on one or the other. Let's find out who is the real master of the leg locks. Who can put an ankle lock on the other one and make them tap out. Then we'll truly know who does it best."

Possibility of working for Ring of Honor: "Ring of Honor is extreme…probably one of my favorite matches I ever saw. I don't remember the name of the guys, but it was unbelievable… it was almost like Stone Cold and Bret Hart when they had their 'I Quit match.' They were just non-stop, and I've seen other guys in there and I was like, 'these guys have something special if they can just get this out there. It was a different brand. It was more like in Japan where they had catch as catch can. I was really intrigued by that. With my schedule now, I have opportunities to move things around and do what I want to do. I'm definitely open to any of those options. I really would love to have the opportunity."

Dana White disrespecting UFC legends: "I'm a world champion, proven, Randy Couture is a proven world champion, Tito, my brother... and yet Dana White stands up there and calls them these names? What kind of person does that? Oh yeah, that's right, those are those keyboard warriors, and Dana White is one of them. Dana White hides behind a microphone and behind a TV camera and spouts off and calls people names because he doesn't like their opinion."

Being 'blackballed' from UFC: " I feel for the guys in UFC who helped open the UFC up, obviously I'm getting blackballed there by the UFC, so I'm kind of feeling on both sides, if a promotion or somebody in that promotion decides they don't like an individual, then they get to make up the rules and the fans don't get a say in it at all. The people that either one, don't like me, or have a problem with me feel that they don't have to listen to the fans and the fans don't have a say, so they just have to shut up and keep paying for their tickets."

Not getting respect for his UFC legacy: "When it comes to UFC, the twenty year anniversary is coming up and not one mention from the UFC, which, I made them millions of dollars, I saved their ass from closing the doors twice and yet there is no respect being paid in this direction other than threatening me."

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