Road Warrior Animal Talks Hawk, Joining WWE, Why Vince Changed Their Name, Ryback's Push, Cena

The origins of the "Road Warrior look": "We were sitting there with Bill Watts and Ole Anderson. At the time, Bill Watts had just gave Dewey, the Missing Link the paint. Down there in Louisiana, they said we want you guys to put a couple lines on your face. Then Hawk came up with the brilliant idea, hey, why doesn't Animal get a Mohawk and I'll do the reverse Mohawk, so we can look like we can plug our heads into each other. I said, 'man, are you friggin' nuts?' But, we ended up doing it and it worked. Later on, I did the spikes in my garage, next thing you know, we had the spiked shoulder pads."

Dealing with Greg Gagne showing them animosity in AWA: "At the time, Greg Gagne had a little bit of an attitude toward us. He was the booker and his dad owned the company. But, we took care of that real quick. We wrestled Greg and Jim in Winnipeg and I think Hawk press slammed Greg and threw him in about the third row. That took care of that."

The Warriors refusing to drop the titles to the Fabulous Ones: "YOu guys know our gimmick, we are street fighters. They wanted to do a finish called the 'switch-a-roo.' I kept looking to Paul, we were in the locker room and I said, 'man, that ain't right. It just doesn't feel right.' They give us the finish in the locker room, we say, 'ok, we're gonna do it, we go to the ring.' First thing Hawk says to Keirn and Lane, he says, 'We ain't doin' the finish. Listen to us and nobody will get hurt.' We came back to the locker room and Greg Gagne is yelling. Verne come down to the locker room and says, 'Jeez, nobody has changed a finish on me in 25 years.' I said, 'Well Verne, first time for everything, we just did."

The Powers of Pain feud, the eye injury, and Warlord and Barbarian going to WWF before the culmination of that feud: "Warlord was a good friend of mine. I helped train him. Barbarian is a great guy, a good friend of mine, we all worked out together. A lot of people don't realize with that bench press contest... the night before in Hammond, Indiana, Warlord went to do a Samoan slam with me and landed on my head and he popped out my left eye and when it went back in it went in too far. In one move I had a skull fracture, a fractured cheek bone, a broken nose, and my orbital rim was shattered. The next night in Greensboro, my eye was shattered and I still ended up doing a ridiculous 545 or whatever it was with my orbital socket blown out. People didn't know because I painted over the swelling.

"Then we were supposed to do scaffold matches, Warlord and Barbarian came to me and said, 'listen, Joe, actually we're really kind of afraid to go up on those scaffolds.' I said, 'bro, listen, I really don't want to go up there with you two big guys anyway.' At the time, Hawk was the lightest guy and he was 270. On that three foot wide scaffold, I didn't trust it. Warlord came and talked to me, he said, 'we're thinking about going to the WWF.' I said, 'my recommendation to you is go, because you guys are gonna fall off that scaffold. I ain't falling off that scaffold, and you're too big to jump off that scaffold.' They didn't refuse anything, they came as a friend and asked and respected me. I told them, 'I'd go to the WWF tomorrow if I was you,' and they actually kind of did go the next day."

Their move to WWF and first dealings with Vince McMahon: "At the time Vince had the Ultimate Warrior. At first he tried to tell us, nobody knows who you are up here. I said, 'Vince, come on, they know who we are.' He said, 'well, I gotta change your name, I can't call you the Road Warriors, I got the Ultimate Warrior.' Hawk and I were thinking, 'that's kind of dumb that he is acting like this.' So, we said, 'how about the Legion of Doom?' And we used that, at the time, there was no rhyme or reason to anything he did. I was just literal chaos. People that you think should be wrestling each other were not wrestling each other and it was just the opposite, the other way around."

"I even cornered Vince McMahon one time, I told him I feel like you're backing us in a corner here and you're really starting to piss me off."

His thoughts on Ryback, John Cena and some of the problems with current product: "One thing that they have gotten away from a little bit is now they shove people down the people's throat so much that they don't get a chance to have a relationship with the fans. One guy, for instance, that wasn't ready for the push, a guy like Ryback was not ready. You throw him on pay per view and you end up killing him on every pay per view. What does that do for Ryback? Nothing. Guy looks like a million dollars. Talk about someone similar to Goldberg, he looks just like Bill Goldberg. But then you kill him every pay per view, and god bless, John Cena who is a great champion, but he is another guy that they shove down people's throat, and a lot of people don't care for it. The people have to choose who they look up to."

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