This week's episode of WWE SmackDown opens with Michael Cole and JBL on commentary.

A hype video for Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family is shown with particular focus on what they did to Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

CM Punk comes down to the ring. He takes up a mic and says Best in the World means something different to a whole lot of people. He says that the Wyatt Family have a problem with him. He doesn't know why they decided to jump him but he doesn't care. He has come to Smackdown to fight and he is used to being outnumbered. He squashed the biggest rat the WWE has ever seen, Paul Heyman. If it's a fight the Wyatt Family wants, why don't they come out to him face to face? Punk says he isn't going anywhere until they show up and he can kick them in the face.

Curtis Axel comes out on the ramp with a mic. He tells Punk to shut his mouth. He doesn't care about the Wyatt Family, they can wait in line because he and Punk have unfinished business. He says that because of Punk, his mentor and father figure is in a hospital in Europe. Axel says that Vickie Guerrero gave him a match against Punk right now.

Curtis Axel vs. CM Punk

Axel hits a kick and then stomps Punk in the corner. Axel lands a big chop. He whips Punk into another corner and charges. Punk puts an elbow up and slams Axel into the corner. He goes up top and leaps off, hitting Axel in the head. Punk chops Axel in the head. He snapmares Axel and dropkicks him in the back of the head. Punk lands several kicks to the back of Axel's legs, tripping him up. Axel trips Punk into the middle turnbuckle. He tosses Punk out of the ring. Axel goes on the apron and Punk kicks his feet out. Punk slams Axel gut first onto the barrier.

Back from commercial and Axel is in control in the ring. Punk picks Axel up on his shoulders. Axel wriggles out and heads outside for a breather. Punk kicks him through the ropes. Axel rams Punk into the barrier. He tosses Punk back inside and gets a two count. He then drops fists on Punk's head. Axel hits a backbreaker. He goes up top and drops on elbow on Punk. Axel rubs Punk's face across the mat. Punk gets to his feet and kicks Axel in the knee. He hits multiple chops to Axel. Punk goes up top and leaps off for a crossbody, but Axel moves. Axel hits a big clothesline.

Axel pulls Punk's face back like the cross face, but without Punk's arm locked in. Punk gets to his feet and slams Axel back first to the mat. Punk hits a heel kick and the swinging neckbreaker. Punk hits the running high knee in the corner, followed by a clothesline. He goes up top for the Macho Man elbow drop and Bray Wyatt's music hits. The lights go out briefly. When it cuts back to the ring and the lights come back on, Axel is able to hit the Perfect Plex for a near pin fall. He tries to keep the attack up, but Punk counters into the GTS for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, Bray Wyatt appears on the TitanTron and the lights go out again. He laughs and then blows out his lantern.

3MB vs. The Usos and R Truth

Jey and Slater start off. Jey hits a kick to the head. Jimmy comes in and hits a leaping elbow. He keeps the attack up. Mahal tags in and hits a running high knee. He then hits Mahal with a swinging neckbreaker and drops on knee on Jimmy's head. McIntyre comes in and hits a head shot. He punches Jimmy repeatedly. Slater tags in and they triple team Jimmy. He locks in Jimmy's head from behind. Jimmy gets to his feet. Slater goes for a body slam, but Jimmy reverses and kicks Slater in the head. Mahal tags in and stops Jimmy from tagging Jey.

Mahal tries to attack Jimmy, but Jimmy gets away and is able to tag in Truth. Truth has the hot tag. He hits a spinning heel kick and keeps the attack up. The Usos take Slater and McIntyre out on the outside with a dive. Back in the ring, Truth hits Mahal with a jumping reverses STO for the win.

Winners: The Usos and R Truth

The faces dance in the ring after the match.

The Funkadactyls vs. AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka

Snuka and Cameron start off. Snuka shoves Cameron into the corner. Cameron battles back with head strikes. She locks in Snuka's head. Naomi tags in and they double dropkick Snuka. Snuka charges and they pull down the ropes, sending Snuka to the outside. Naomi goes for a kick through the ropes. Snuka moves, pulls her out and clotheslines her. Snuka sends Naomi back in and gets a one count. She knees Naomi in the head and AJ tags in. She kicks Naomi and locks in a head submission. Naomi gets out and hits gut shots.

AJ trips Naomi. Naomi kicks AJ in the head and tags in Cameron. Cameron lands several dropkicks. She hits AJ with a crossbody. Cameron charges AJ in the corner. AJ moves and tags in Snuka. Cameron attacks Snuka briefly, but Snuka hits a power bomb. Naomi breaks up the pin attempt, but Snuka boots her in the face. She hits Cameron with several headbutts. Snuka tags in AJ. AJ locks in Black Widow and Cameron taps.

Winners: AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka

Alberto Del Rio comes out and says he is better than the rest of the world because he is a Mexican, world class athlete. It makes him better than the gringos in the crowd. He says his title was stolen by John Cena. He says that the crowd cheers Cena because they have no brains. If they did, they'd see John Cena for what he really is, a thief. Del Rio says that Cena doesn't deserve the title.

Del Rio says that at Hell in the Cell he was sick and had various sore body parts. He had to beg his doctors to let him compete. He says that any of the lazy Americans would have called in sick, but not him because he is Mexican and has pride. After his rematch against Cena, he is going to tell every gringo that the champ is here.

Cena's music hits and he comes out. He picks up a mic and says that normally he is excited to come out, but it's different because Alberto Del Rio is sick. He feels bad that they didn't do anything for him. He tells Michael Cole that they're going to get him an Edible Arrangement and a card. He talks about what should be written in the card.

Del Rio says he is acting like a stupid little kid. He wants Cena to leave his show. Cena tells him to make him. Cena says that he isn't leaving and says Del Rio should invoke his rematch tonight. Del Rio says something in Spanish and then calls a referee down and a doctor because Cena is going to the hospital. He says he is taking his title back and he is going to break Cena's arm.

Vickie Guerrero comes out. She says the rematch won't take place tonight, but instead at Survivor Series. She says it's best for business. Cena says that Vickie is sick too. She has diarrhea of the mouth. He insults her and Del Rio says that little Juanito is right. Vickie says she has already picked their opponents for the night. Cena will face Ryback and Del Rio will face The Great Khali.

The Great Khali vs. Alberto Del Rio

Khali shoves Del Rio against the ropes and hits a strike to the head. He back elbows Del Rio in the corner repeatedly. He then hits Del Rio with a big chop in the corner. He takes Del Rio to another corner and sits him up top. He hits a big chop and Del Rio falls outside. Khali follows and hits a headbutt. He whips Del Rio into the barrier and sends him back inside. Khali tries to get back in and Del Rio snaps his arm across the rope. He kicks Khali's leg and then stomps him on the mat. Del Rio goes outside, wraps Khali's hand around the ropes and pulls it. Del Rio heads back inside and slams Khali's arm to the mat.

He locks Khali's arm in briefly, but Khali gets out. Del Rio goes up top and leaps off, but Khali puts his boot up. Del Rio charges Khali in the corner. Khali puts his boot up and hits a head strike. Del Rio rolls to the outside. Khali follows and sends him back inside. Khali gets back inside and chops Del Rio's chest in the corner. He sets Del Rio up top and Del Rio locks in an arm bar over the ropes. Del Rio hits an enziguri. He locks Khali in the cross armbreaker and Khali taps.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper (with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan)

Harper attacks Bryan in the corner. He drives his boot into Bryan's throat. Harper lands a big uppercut. Harper does his gator death roll. Bryan gets to his feet and hits gut shots. Harper slingshots Bryan between the middle and bottom ropes. He whips Bryan to the ropes. Harper charges and Bryan backdrops him to the outside. Bryan takes Harper out with a dive. Bryan hits several kicks and Harper sends him into the barrier. Back from commercial and Harper is in control. He is striking Bryan in the corner.

Harper tosses Bryan across the ring. He charges and hits Bryan with a big boot. He charges Bryan in the corner. Bryan puts a boot up. Bryan lands multiple kicks to the legs. He dragon screws Harper twice. He locks Harper in a leg submission and hits multiple elbows to the head. Bryan hits a leaping clothesline. He kicks Harper in the chest repeatedly. He goes for a head kick, but Harper counters into a power bomb. Bryan locks in the Yes Lock out of nowhere. Rowan interferes and stomps Bryan.

Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

The Wyatt Family beat down Bryan. Bray comes into the ring. Punk runs down and takes Harper out with a kick to the head. Bryan takes Rowan out with a dropkick. Bray laughs from the apron and drops down to the floor. He slowly backs up the ramp with Rowan and Harper in tow.

Back from commercial and The Bella Twins do one of the salesperson promos where they talk up WWE merchandise.

John Cena vs. Ryback

They lock up and Ryback locks in a side headlock. He takes Cena to the mat. Ryback lands a shoulder knockdown and locks Cena's head back in. He keeps the attack up on Cena for several moments. Ryback lifts Cena up and drops him behind him. Cena heads to the corner. Ryback charges. Cena moves and Ryback collides with the turnbuckle as things head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Cena tries to lock in the STF. Ryback kicks him off and hits a shoulder knockdown. He whips power whips Cena into the corner. Ryback steps on the back of his head. Ryback kicks Cena in the gut and drives his boot into his throat. Ryback power whips Cena into another corner. He locks in Cena's head on the mat. Cena gets to his feet. Ryback locks in a bear hug. Cena fights out with elbows to the head. He headbutts Ryback into the corner. Cena hits a shoulder knockdown and side slam. He signals for the five knuckle shuffle. Ryback catches him and hits a spine buster.

Ryback picks Cena up for Shell Shocked. Cena counters into a DDT. Cena picks Ryback up for the AA. Ryback gets out and hits the Jackhammer for a near pin fall. Ryback signals for the meat hook clothesline. Cena drop toe holds him and locks in the STF. Ryback makes it to the rope. He spears Cena and gets a near pin fall. Ryback yells out powerbomb and picks Cena up. Cena slips out and hits a neckbreaker for a near pin fall. Cena goes up top and hits a crossbody. He picks Ryback up for AA. Ryback gets out and hits a running power slam. Ryback charges Cena in the corner. Cena puts his boots up. They exchange strikes.

Ryback hits the meat hook clothesline. He picks Cena up for Shell Shocked. Cena gets out and hits the AA for the win.

Winner: John Cena

Alberto Del Rio attacks Cena from behind after the match. He slams Cena's arm against the turnbuckle and kicks it. Cena fights back and punches Del Rio out of the ring. Del Rio backs up the ramp, staring Cena down to end the show.

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