Several readers sent word that WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee collapsed during a match at tonight's WWE live event in London, England.

The incident took place during a tag team match pitting AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka against the Bella Twins. They took a crowd vote beforehand to determine if the bout should be a singles or a tag match, and the tag match won.

During the match, AJ tagged out and went on the ring apron. While Tamina was in the ring, AJ started to hold her head and then slowly went to the outside before fainting a few seconds later. Tamina was looking around and noticed that AJ was missing, and she carried on with the match with kicks to Brie. The Bellas signaled to the referee that there was a problem. A doctor came out and gave the "X" signal, and then Brie quickly pinned Tamina with a school boy to end the match. More officials came out, and AJ was attended to for 5-10 minutes. A referee and Tamina then helped a wobbly AJ to the back.

We will have more shortly. For what it's worth, Brie Bella posted the following on her Instagram but didn't mention AJ, so hopefully that's a good sign that she's OK:

"Rocked it here in London!!! Gave them a taste of #briemode"

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