Views From The Turnbuckle: Survivor Series In-Person Review, Another Lackluster WWE PPV

More important than the match was what happened to me during that time period. Like everyone else in the world, I went to go get food during the match. When I went out to the concourse, I saw that Bob Backlund was doing pictures and autographs. For $20, you could get your picture taken with Backlund and get it autographed. In addition, Backlund would lock you into his patented Cross-Face-Chickenwing submission, while also yelling CRAZY Bob Backlund stuff into your ear. Now, this is the kind of quality entertainment that only the WWE and Bob Backlund can supply, so to me, this was a better deal than the Dutch got for Manhattan. I got the picture taken and signed, and Backlund locked me into the submission and yelled something crazy about me crying for my mother's uncle and never testing the seas again. That kind of experience is why I keep going to WWE shows, even if the show sucks sometimes.

Ryback vs Mark Henry: * (1 star)

It was nice to see Henry return, and as a face, I think he has great potential. For some reason, over the last few years, Henry has been able to connect really well with the fans. Some good booking with Henry could give him another world title run, and I think the WWE would be better off if they did. The match left a lot to be desired. It takes a special performer to get a good match out of a big guy like Henry, and Ryback is just not that type of guy. After the initial pop for Henry, the crowd was fairly quiet for the match, except for the occasional "Goldberg" chants.

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio: * 13/4 (1.75 stars)

Another match with a very predictable finish. There was not a snowballs chance in hell that ADR was going to walk away from this match the champion, and Cena ensured that ADR would be dispatched with ease. Cena came out to a classic Cena reaction, with most of the women and children cheering for Cena, while most of the men heartily booed him. Del Rio got mostly nothing from the crowd.

The match was pretty much a bust. Both Cena and ADR can have good matches when they click with their opponent, but they appear to not really have that with each other. ADR worked the arm, Cena fought through it, and finished Del Rio with his strength and perseverance. It is textbook Cena booking, and after so many of those, it has become mind-numbingly repetitive.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family: *** (3 stars)

Punk and The Wyatts were very over with the crowd, but Daniel Bryan was just on a completely other level. I have seen Raw when The Rock was in town, and I do not believe that he was as over as Bryan was tonight in Boston. Comparing his pop to the pop The Big Show received tonight, it is hard to see that size really matters when it comes to getting over.

The match itself was a decent effort. Punk and Bryan were so beautifully in tune with the crowd that it would have made any match enjoyable to watch. Rowan did a lot of the work in the ring for the The Wyatts, and although he does not have as much experience as Harper, I thought he did a decent enough job. I would have really liked to have seen Harper and Rowan get a big victory over Punk and Bryan. They will most likely continue the feud at TLC, given the extra-curricular events with Bryan and Bray Wyatt, and I think it would have been better suited if Bray had cost Punk and Bryan the match.

Randy Orton vs The Big Show: DUD

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