Total Divas Recap: Trinity's Dad Comes For A Stay, Nikki Feels Awkward At John's House, More

Back from commercial and Vincent and Ariane are in a hotel. Vincent talks about how his back is sore. He lifts up his shirt and has a huge bruise on his back. He says that he doesn't feel like it's for him. Ariane says that he should take advantage of the opportunity and that she believes in him. He says he will give full effort tomorrow.

Then, Nikki is shown leaving a grocery store. She calls Brie and says that John had no food in his house. Apparently John doesn't keep a lot of food in his house because he doesn't want it stained. Nikki wants to make the house feel more like home, so she is going to stock the fridge.

Then, Jon and Trinity are woken up by Trinity's dad raiding the fridge. Trinity and her dad talk, and Jon seems angry that he was woken up. They off Jon a sandwich, but he just looks on angrily.

Arian and Vincent show up for the second day of his tryout. Ariane show him how to run the ropes and he tries it. He is very sluggish. Ariane says that Vincent isn't going as fast as Bill would like. Vincent stops for a quick break. He says that he can barely move. Bill calls him back into the ring. He hands Vincent a head gear and starts showing him how to fall to the mat. Vincent can only take one fall.

Back from commercial Vincent is shown in the ring again. Bill takes his headgear off and calls him to the corner. Bill tells him that what he has shown him is only a sliver of what the WWE wrestlers do on a daily basis. He tells him that he isn't cut out to be a wrestler and thanks him for trying out. Ariane and Vincent go outside and Vincent is way upset. He says he feels like a fool. Ariane apologizes and says that she took it way too far and pushed him too much.

The show heads to Biloxi, Mississippi and Natalya shows up to an arena. She looks at some new merchandise. Then, Eva Marie is approached by the talent relations guy and he says she is going to get scanned for her first action figure. She is very excited. She gets scanned as Natalya walks into the room. Natalya is getting an action figure as well. She is surprised that Eva is getting an action figure because she has only been with the company for a few months. Eva asks if her chest is going to be scanned and Natalya calls her a hooch.

Clips from RAW are shown. Afterwards, Jon walks up to Trinity. She says that maybe her dad will cook for them. Jon is upset about it. He just wants to be alone with her. She gets angry and doesn't want her dad to just leave. Jon says that her dad being there is affecting the relationship for him. Jon leaves to change.

Back from commercial and Ariane and Trinity are going out to eat. Ariane feels bad about Orlando, so she is trying to make it up to him. Vincent talks about how he wants to open a hookah bar. Ariane thinks that he will be successful with it. Vincent hopes to open it by the end of the summer.

Things head to Tampa to John Cena's house. Nikki is cooking dinner for John. He comes home and is a bit speechless over what she's doing. John figured that she would pick a place for them to go out. He asks her if her making dinner is a one time thing. Nikki says that his reaction has kind of hurt her feelings because he just cares about his stone counter tops and water being on the floor.

Nikki says that she feels uncomfortable with living there and that it feels like she is living in a museum. She leaves and goes upstairs.

Back from commercial and Cena goes to his gym to talk with his trainer. They play chess and he talks about how Nikki has been angering him. He says he felt like he was coming down on her because of what she has been doing. His trainer says that it sounds like she is doing nice things for him. Cena talks about how he doesn't like the way she does stuff, and his trainer tells him to never interact with anyone ever. His trainer wins the chess game.

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