Joey Ryan Talks Time With TNA, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Working With Matt Morgan, His Release

And then after I did the segment, I wasn't even sure how everyone was going to react to it. I think Taz was a little upset because obviously I was talking a little smack to him. But the office really, really liked it and they were like okay, we want to run with this now. It just kind of organically grew from there.

Wrestling Inc.: You mentioned Taz being upset, I know you guys would go back and forth on Twitter. Taz, with his Tweets, seemed like he was genuinely getting pissed off. Did you discuss any of that with Taz, or were you just kind of going with it and he wasn't liking it?

Ryan: No. He'd know, like I met him that day that I got there. He had no idea who I was, where I came from and this and that. So initially, he was really hot about it because I was obviously coming out and he didn't know who I was or what. But I think after the initial segment happened, he kind of understood that I was just doing whatever I could, even if I wasn't going to get a job, to use my time on TV and do something memorable because you know, he comes from ECW where that is what it was about, just being memorable and branding yourself. I think he kind of got it after he calmed down a little bit. But then the office just told me, because when they hired me, when they said they wanted to run with it, they're like just go promote yourself. That's why I did the Joey Ryan has a YouTube channel show on the Internet and was just talking crap about TNA.

They wanted to make it as real as possible so they were like just go and Tweet about it and just go off. Throw ideas out there and if we need to reel you in we'll reel you in, but just go as if you're really upset about this and they're were like just kind of shy away fromů even when I would go make appearances on the show, they would have me just sit in my hotel room and wait and have a car pick me up like while the show was being filmed. It was live at the time, so while the show was airing they would come pick me up at the hotel, drive me there, have me wait and kind of hide in an office, go out and do my thing, and then drive me right back to the hotel so I wasn't around the boys and I wasn't around, the fans couldn't see me hanging out after the show or whatever. They wanted it to be as real as possible.

I didn't really know how the locker room was taking to it because I was never really engaging with them. I was never really backstage. I was always being hidden so I didn't know if Taz was in on it. I didn't know if he was real. I just knew that I had to keep it going to make the office happy. So I was just doing what I could to keep the angle hot.

Wrestling Inc.: Did they ever have to reel you in? Or were you just able to run with it as much as you wanted?

Ryan: Yeah. At one point, I said something about Hulk Hogan and they wanted me to take it down because they wanted me to focus more on like Al [Snow] and Taz and Bruce Prichard and I pulled that episode down after it had been up for a couple days. But I should have put it back up because obviously it's not really relevant anymore. It's on the back of my mind. But yeah, one of the episodes I took down from Hulk Hogan because I was taking shots at management and everybody knew that he was the general manager, on camera he's the general manager, but they wanted me to focus more on the Gut Check segment. That was the only time they had to reel me in though.

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