Joey Ryan Talks WWE Tryouts, If His TNA Run Hurt His WWE Chances, Issues With John Laurinaitis, More

Wrestling Inc.: What are your thoughts on their product lately, now that they have gotten rid of some of their higher priced talent and have been changing things up creatively, dropping Aces & Eights and some things like that? What have your thoughts been of their product recently?

Ryan: I think it's good. I think it's, they're giving a lot of new faces a chance to be on TV, which is always good. I think it's always good when you have a turnaround, when you mix new faces with old favorites. I think it's kind of understood now that they don't need to bring in, nothing against Tito Ortiz or Rampage Jackson, but they don't really need to bring in those kind of guys because it's not going to spike the ratings. Norv Pernum's going to draw the same rating as Tito Ortiz. That's the way it is. You're not going to have to pay Norv Pernum nearly as much as you're going to pay Tito Ortiz. So I think they're kind of understanding that, and they're just giving new guys chances to get over. If they can get guys over, rather than having to relearn guys that are already over, they can save money and have possibly a better product.

Wrestling Inc.: Thanks again, Joey for taking the time to speak with us. Do you have any appearances or projects that you'd like for us to mention for our readers?

Ryan: I'm always doing Pro Wrestling Guerrilla shows. You can check the website. I'm wrestling a lot. Almost every weekend I'm booked out, which is, like I said, I have to get my hustle on. So if you check my Twitter, it's @JoeyRyanOnline , I'm always advertising different products I'm on, different shows I'm on. Even if it's like, I live in Los Angeles so I've been doing a lot of acting stuff and side work doing that. I'm advertising all that stuff that I'm on, and I'm on Facebook too and Instagram. I'm on all the pretty social media friendly [sites]. So yeah, you can just check all that stuff and I keep it pretty well updated with my appearances.

Part one of the Joey Ryan interview is here, where Ryan discussed getting his start in the business, being one of the founders of PWG, Daniel Bryan getting over, working for WWE as an enhancement talent, TNA inviting him on Gut Check and more.

You can check out the second part of the interview at this link, where Ryan discussed his time with TNA, if his heat with Taz was real, his career highlight, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan being in charge, teaming with Matt Morgan, his TNA release and more.

You can follow him on Twitter @JoeyRyanOnline , and on Facebook at

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