TNA Impact Results With Video: Top Star Quits, Dixie's 'Big' Announcement, Big Tag Team Match

Winner: Lei'd Tapa

After the match, Kim says that this should be a lesson learned for Madison Rain.

Sabin is shown backstage talking to Sky. Sabin says that they have had some bumps in the road, but they are going to be even better next year. Sky says that her goal is to make their relationship even stronger. He asks her to interfere in his X Division title match next week. Sky says she can't, but Sabin says that she doesn't want to support him and leaves.

We get another video of Magnus. This time he talks about how Dixie Carter discovered him, and how she always believed in Magnus. He says that he knows he always has her. He talks about how Hardy had his chance, but he blew it and now it is Magnus's chance to be her guy.

Jeff Hardy comes out for his main event match. There is a disabled kid in the audience and Tenay talks about how his community rallied to get the kid to the TNA show to see Hardy. Sting comes out, followed by EC3 and Spud.

Dixie is on the big screen, and she says she is ready for her announcement. It is that next week, they will have a coronation for Magnus. She still has a piece of business for tonight and that is that this tag match, will be a handicapped tag match, and the BroMans will be on EC3 and Spuds team. We then go to ads.

We come back and the BroMans (with Zema Ion) are in the ring and we are ready to rock.

Sting and Jeff Hardy vs The BroMans, Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud

Sting starts the match and he wants EC3. EC3 teases locking up with him, but tags in Spud again. Spud backs up and bumps into Sting. He runs back to the ring and tags in Jesse. They lock up and Jesse backs Sting into the ropes. He hits the ropes and Sting hits a hip toss. Ion distracts Sting, and Jesse gets the advantage and hits a vertical suplex. Robbie E comes in hard, but Sting catches him with a clothesline and he tags in Hardy.

Hardy comes in hot and lays Robbie out with a boot. He hits a splash from the top for a two count. He backdrops Robbie E to the outside, and EC3 spears Jesse off of the apron by accident. Sting gets down on all fours and Hardy leaps off of him and takes out all three men on the outside.

They get back in the ring and Hardy gets dumped to the outside. Spud, Jesse, EC3 and Ion all put the boots to him and toss him back into the ring as we go to ads.

We come back from commercial and Jesse is beating on HArdy. He scores with a kitchen sink and gets a two count. Jesse locks in a armbar, and Hardy gets up and fights out. He hits the ropes, but Jesse catches him with a powerslam for a two count. EC3 comes in and hits a vertical suplex on Hardy and stomps away. He tags in Robbie E and Robbie does facewash of Hardy. Hardy fights up, but Robbie cuts him off with a hard Irish Whip.

Robbie takes him back over to his corner for some more double teaming, and Jesse comes in. Jesse locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Hardy gets a hand on the rope, but Robbie kicks it away while the ref was looking at Ion. Hardy tries to make it over to Sting, but Robbie comes across the ring and knocks Sting off the apron. Sting tries to come in but the ref stops him and the rest of the heels come in and beat down Hardy.

EC3 comes in and hits a back suplex. He whips Hardy into the corner and mocks Sting. He missis a splash and Hardy connects with a jawbreaker. Hardy tries to tag in Sting, and makes the tag. Sting comes in with the hot tag and takes out everybody. Spud tries to get a sleeper hold in, but Sting ends up swinging him around on his back to take out the BroMans. Sting cleans out the BroMans, but EC3 comes in and rolls up Sting for a three count with the tights.

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