UFC 168 Results: Anderson Silva Breaks His Leg In Chris Weidman Rematch, Rousey Vs. Tate II

Wrestling INC scores the round 10-9 for Rousey

Round 2: Rousey trips Tate with ease. Tate connects with up kicks that seem to do damage. The champ goes for another takedown and they're against the cage. They trade knees and Rousey slams Tate to the mat. Rousey is on top and landing hammer fists. Rousey goes for the armbar and looks to have it, but Tate is out. They're still on the mat with Rousey doing all the work.

Wrestling INC scores the round 10-9 for Rousey

Round 3: Rousey puts her in the clinch and takes the offense. They're on the mat and Rousey gets the armbar. A bloody Tate taps. Tate goes to shake hands and Rousey blows her off. The crowd has major heat for the champion.

Ronda Rousey defeated Miesha Tate via submission at :58 of Round 3

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva

Round 1: The crowd chants USA, but cheers for Silva. They touch gloves before the fight. Weidman gets the takedown and Silva puts them on their feet. Nice knee by Silva to the gut. Weidman gets Silva down and connects with several head shots and it looks like Herb Dean might step in. The fight continues with Weidman in the guard of Silva. They trade blows from this position with Weidman bleeding from the nose.

Wrestling INC scores the round 10-9 for Weidman

Round 2: They trade shots in the center of the Octagon for the first minute. Silva throws his left leg against Weidman and his leg breaks. Silva fell to the ground in pain and is screaming. Weidman tries to go over but doctars surround Silva. What a crazy ending on a possible career ending injury for Silva.

Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva via TKO (injury) at 1:16 of Round 2

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