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Impact opens with a video hyping up Magnus as the new TNA World Champion. Tonight will be his formal coronation as the champion.

We cut to the Impact Zone and Kurt Angle comes out. Angle says that 2013 was the worst year of his career. From his feud with Aces & 8s, to his personal issues, he had a rough 2013. He said he declined the TNA HOF so he could prove everything back to the fans. He says that his name is Kurt Angle, and they call him a cyborg, but in 2013, he was not that. He is here tonight to explain to everyone what his plans are for 2014.

Roode interrupts and asks Angle if they are about to witness what he thinks they are about to witness. He asks Kurt if he came out here to tell everybody that he is going to walk away and leave Impact Wrestling? Has he finally come to the realization after Roode beat him time after time, that he just doesn't have it anymore? Roode asks him to do him a favor, and asks Angle before he leaves that he looks Roode in the eyes and tell him that Bobby Roode is much better then him.

Angle says that he isn't leaving, and that he is here to make it clear that Kurt Angle is going to kick ass in 2014. Which is why, he is challenging him to one more match. Roode asks surprised and says absolutely not. He has nothing to prove to these morons, and certainly nothing to prove to Angle. He has proven he is better than Angle, and he has proven to the world that Angle is not HOF worthy. He says they are done and is about to exit the ring, but stops. He says that he will accept one more challenge, but only if Angle puts something on the line. How about that when Roode beats him again, Angle leaves and never accepts his HOF induction in TNA.

Angle says that he is glad Roode accepts, and the match will take place at Genesis. He says that since Roode got to add a stipulation, he will add one as well, the match will be a cage match. Roode is incensed and tries to sock Angle, but Kurt blocks him and floors him. Security and Spud try to stop them from fighting. Spud says that they will not ruin this night for madame Dixie, and if they want to fight, find themselves a tag partner, because they have a tag match tonight.

We go to Dixie in the back, and she says she has spent the last 11 years to find a champion, and now she has one, and tonight he will have a coronation fit for a king. We here the director say "CUT" and Dixie goes into her office. Some guy hands her a note and it just says "See you tonight." Dixie is mad and asked who sent it and the guy doesn't know. We exit as she storms out of the room.

We come back from commercial and Dixie is talking about the note to Spud. She sends Spud on a mission to find out where the note came from.

We go to the ring and Gail Kim is in the ring for an open challenge. She says that 2013 was her year, and that she dominated 2013. 2014 will be an even better year, but she really hopes they can find her some real competition, because everyone else so far has been very unimpressive. Madison Rayne comes down to the ring and stares at Tapa.

Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim

Madison hits a clothesline to start and whips her into the turnbuckle. She knocks her down and continues to stomp away. The ref backs her off and she nails a spear on Kim and starts pulling her hair and screaming. Rayne comes in again but gets kicked in the face by Gail. Gail continues to kick her down, and beats her down with punches. She hits the ropes but Rayne cuts her off and connects with a snap suplex. Madison hits another one and hits the ropes, but Tapa grabs her on the outside and pulls her out of the ring.

Gail rolls her back in the ring and gets a two count. She tries again but gets the same result. Gail locks in a surfboard/dragon sleeper combo and switches into a chinlock. Madision fights out of it, but Gail pulls her right back down but the hair. She puts her in the ropes and chokes her with the middle rope. Gail goes for Eat Defeat, but Madison counters with a backslide for a tow count. They hit stereo clotheslines and both go down.

They both get up and Madison hits a few running strikes. She hits a back senton in the corner and goes for a victory roll from the top rope, but Gail just shrugs her off into a facebuster. Gail talks smack and goes for Eat Defeat again, but Madison counters with a side-craddle and gets the three count.

Winner: Madison Rayne

We go to the back and Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin are talking about Sabin's X Division Title match. Sabin says that if he doesn't leave the show tonight with the X Division Title, he will be leaving the building without her.

Angle is shown in the back talking about how 2014 is going to be the year he turns it all around. We zoom out and we see he is talking to Gunner. Gunner says he doesn't like Bobby Roode and he will join with him tonight. Storm comes in and he smirks at Gunner saying he is going to be someones partner.

We see Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky coming to the ring for his match. Aries follows soon after.

X Division Championship: Austin Aries vs Chris Sabin

Aries wants to lock up, but Sabin ducks him. Sabin hangs in the ropes and taunts Aries, who taunts Sabin in return. Aries runs across the ring an hits a dropkick. Aries hits a heel kick to the gut and hits the ropes, but Aries catches him into bulldog and goes into the Last Chancery. Sabin signals Sky to come in, but she refuses. Sabin escapes and comes out of the ring and chews out Sky.

Aries brings him back in and hits an elbow off the ropes for a two count. Aries locks in modified ankle lock, but Sabin escapes and knees him in the gut. Aries goes to the apron and scores with a shoulder thrust and hits a corkscrew helio for a two count. He hits a standing moonsault for another two count. Aries boxes Sabin's ears and goes for the brainbuster, but Sabin blocks it and hits a back suplex.

Sabin kicks Aries into the turnbuckle and sets him up in the Tree of Woe. Sabin comes i, but Aries catches him with a few kicks, then kicks off of the turnbuckle into an Ace Crusher. Both men trade kicks, but Aries gets the better of it and sends Sabin to the outside. Aries hits a double-axe handel off of the top to Sabin on the outside. He throws Sabin back into the ring and hits a missile dropkick. Sabin orders Velvet to go distract Aries, which she eventually obliges. She gets on the apron, and the ref and Aries turn to tell her to get down. Sabin hits a low blow and then connects with a small package and gets the 3 count.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

JB asks him how it feels to be champion after the match, and Sabin says he has to thank the one person that believed in him; himself. He says thank you Chris Sabin, and then your welcome Chris Sabin.

Spud is shown in the back practicing his lines for the coronation. His phone rings, but nobody is on the other line. He says that is 4th time this has happened to him today.

Samuel Shaw comes down to the ring for his match. He is wearing white pants and a pull-over to the ring. Tenay and Tazz talk about how Shaw seems to like Christy Hemme. Shaw pulls Hemme over and lets her get out of the ring for some reason. Shaw is still in the ring and he watches Hemme on the outside. Norv Fernum hits the ring and he will be Shaw's opponent.

Samuel Shaw vs Norv Fernum

Shaw catches Norv with a kick and hard whips him into the turnbuckle. Norv fights back with some kicks, but Shaw catches him with a powerslam. Shaw keeps looking over at Hemme, and he connects with a neckbreaker using his back. Shaw continues to stare at Hemme, and Shaw locks in what basically looks like a sleeper hold except he is holding Norv up on his side. Norv goes out and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner Samuel Shaw

We see Storm in the back and he says that Gunner is just like all his other partners, they are all the same. He says that he should find a new partner, and he opens a locker room door and enters as we cut away.

We see Roode talking in the back who is worried about his match. He is saying that know you just walk in here to be his partner? The camera zooms in we see he is talking to Storm. Storm says he needs to send a message, but Roode doesn't trust him. Storm says he is going to be out there tonight, either as his partner, or kicking everyone's ass.

We see a video package of Magnus winning the world title with the help of Dixie, EC3 and Spud.

Angle's music plays and it is time for the tag team match. Gunner follows him out separately. We then go to JB who asks Gunner what will happen if Roode has chosen Storm? Gunner says that it is going to get more interesting and more physical. We then go to commercial.

We come back and Roode comes down to the ring. There is a break, and then Storm's music plays and he comes down to the ring.

James Storm and Robert Roode vs Gunner and Kurt Angle

Storm and Angle start it off. They chain wrestle a bit working the arms, and Angle scores with a high elbow. He hits a snap suplex and goes back to the arm. He tags in Gunner who gets the arm from Storm. Storm hits the ropes and scores with a high knee. Roode comes in and Gunner hits a clothesline and an elbow. Roode tries to take him into the turnbuckle, but Gunner no sells and hits a splash in the corner. He hits a slingshot suplex for a two count.

roodde gets a knee in again and throws gunner into his corner. Gunner locks eyes with Storm, and then runs into a rolling spinebuster by Roode. Roode tags in Storm and Storm mount Gunner and scores with a flurry of rights. He works Gunners arm and tags in Roode. They work together and hit duel elbows and continue to work on Gunner.

Storm comes in and locks in a front chancery on Gunner. Gunner fights out of it and begins to pick Storm up and drive him back towards his corner. Gunner makes the tag, but Roode distracts the ref, and the ref stops Angle from coming in. Roode comes in and continues to work over Gunner. He boots him a few times an drops a knee. He tags in Storm and they hit a double team suplex. They stare at each other and Roode heads back to the apron.

Gunner gets up and hits some right hands and him and Storm connect on shoulder blocks. Gunner again makes the tag, but Roode distracted the ref. Angle doesn't care and he lays out Storm and hits a trio of german suplexes on Roode. He puts Storm in the ankle lock, and Roode clocks him from behind. Gunner picks Roode up in the torture rack, but Storm nails him with a superkick and Roode hits his firemans carry finisher and gets the three count.

Winners: Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode

After the match Angle almost hits a angle slam on the Roode, but Roode slips out and heads to the back.

We see Sting walking in the back, and he is approached by Spud. Spud implicates him as the one who sent the note, but Sting brushes him aside and says that he is here to talk to Dixie and not her lapdog.

EC3 comes out for an apparent match. We get a recap from last week about EC3 getting a roll-up victory over Sting during the tag match. We also see Hardy leaving TNA after the match. EC3 is on the mic and he says that 2013 was the year he debuted and changed the face of wrestling. He says his aunt put him against the most brutal competition in the land. EC3 says he beat Sting and Jeff Hardy last week, and he pinned Sting easily, and Jeff Hardy quit TNA. He mocks Jeff Hardy and his "creatures." He says that tonight is a night for redemption. He says he challenges Jeff to a match right now.

Christy introduces him and his music plays, but nobody comes out of course. EC3 says that Hardy isn't here tonight, so they should ring the bell and declare EC3 the winner. The bell rings and EC3 begins to count him out, but before he can reach 10, Sting comes out.

Sting says that he is not going to stand by and listen to him trash talk Hardy, because he is a man and he doesn't even know what he is. EC3 says that he is done with him, but Sting chides him and calls him Dixie's dog and makes a bunch of dog jokes. Sting asks him to get off of the leash and prove that he is not a dog, but a man. EC3 says he is not going to let Sting manipulate him and gets out of the ring. Sting says he is nothing but Dixies lapdog, and EC3 starts walking to the back. He turns around and says that enough is enough, and that he will fight him one on one, in two weeks at Genesis he drops the mic and walks to the back.

We see EY and Joseph Park talking in the back. Park says he doesn't remember anything about last week and he isn't Abyss. Young says that two years ago Abyss wrestled Bully Ray, and tonight he is going to win. Bully comes in and says it is a bad idea to go to that ring, he shouldn't be the man to burn for Ken Anderson's sins. Park questions him and Bully says he is going to set him on fire and walks away.

Bully Ray is introduced and he is wearing his hoodie and sunglasses. Tenay and Tazz talk about how Bully said he was going to set Park on fire. Park comes out and he looks very scared.

Bully Ray vs Joseph Park

The bell rings and Bully is just standing still in the corner. Park starts inching closer and Bully just stands there. Park gets with in striking distance and Ray just kicks him in the nads for a disqualification.

Winner: Joseph Park

Bully takes out a bottle and starts pouring a liquid which is lighter fluid. A hilarious moment ensues where Park can clearly roll out of the ring, but stays in and gets covered. Bully takes out a lighter, but Anderson's music hits and Anderson hits the ring. Anderson gets sprayed with the lighter fluid and Bully pulls out the lighter, but leaves the ring.

We come back from ads and Spud and EC3 are standing in the ring which is all decked out with a throne in the middle. Spud says that tonight, history will be made. This event is much more important than the royal wedding from 2012, and tonight they are here to honor real royalty, and it starts with the queen herself, Dixie Carter. He says that he has dreamed of this moment his whole life, and Dixieland is a place where dreams come true.

But tonight isn't about just Dixie, but a man who is a king in stature and everyone's world champion, Magnus. At this time, Spud would like to present the Master of Ceremonies, EC3. EC3 says that they worship a king and a queen where Spud is from. However, in America, the 1% have all the power. EC3 talks about how he beat Sting, and that the world needs Carters. He says the real honor here goes to Magnus, who became the World Heavyweight Champion, and now rules the world. Behind every king there is a women, and this women is smart, cunning and his aunt.

Dixie comes down to the ring and she is air-kissed by EC3. She thanks the crowd, who boo her. She says that she is here to tell her a story that she has told a journalist many many times. She says she was on a flight and was reading a magazine with AJ Styles on the cover, but she flipped the page and saw a big article on a man who was a big star on television in Britain. This man took her breath away, and she knew she was going to sign him. She says he did it all on his own without any help and won the world title. She asks everyone to stand up to welcome Magnus.

Magnus comes down to the ring with the title and in a suit. Magnus takes a seat in the throne and says that this is their champion speaking, and they should all listen to him. Magnus thanks Spud and EC3 for their kind words that were richly deserved. He says he has to thank one more person before his coronation. He is of course referring to the one and only Dixie Carter. He says Dixie is the wind beneath his wings, and as he stands before her as her world champion, he is honored and humbled.

He addresses the crowd and says that they probably all thought that Bobby Roode, or Jeff Hardy was going to win the world title, but they didn't its him. He says they all turned their backs on him, so he returned the favor. He says that he is determined to be the world champion for a very, very long time.

Gunner's music hits and he has the briefcase that grants him a title shot at any time, but we go to commercial. When we come back Gunner is in the ring. He says that history hasn't been made, but tonight his history begins. He is ready to fight, and he is going to cash this in for his world title shot. Dixie says that this isn't happening, and Gunner tosses EC3 and Spud into the corners. Gunner goes for the torture rack, but Spud and EC3 come back and they beat him down.

Magnus is about to hit him in the head with the title, but AJ Styles comes flying into the ring and clears it of Spud and EC3. Magnus and AJ lock eyes and Dixie tells him to get out of the ring. They each have a title belt and Magnus leaves the ring.

AJ says that she wants her intellectual property, well here it is, with him. He says that she thinks he is going to hand it over to him, but it isn't that simple. He says that he came here not because she wanted him, but because she screwed these people over. She made the world champion a farce, and he needed to come back. He calls Magnus a farce and until he beats THE World Heavyweight Champion, he isn't a champion.

Magnus asks him if he is challenging him, and AJ says their can only be one champion. Dixie pleads with Magnus, but AJ asks if he is going to let Dixie drag him everywhere. AJ says that he knows he needs to wrestle AJ. AJ says that these people will never accept him as a champion, and he may pretend that he doesn't care about the people, but he really does. He says the deal is on the table, but if he walks out those doors, the opportunity is going with him.

Magnus says that AJ is not better then him, not anymore,but never again. He will prove it next week, for the World Championship. Dixie says that is not going to happen, but Magnus says that if that doesn't happen, then he is gone too. Nobody is going to doubt him or his championship. Dixie says that he doesn't have a contract, but Magnus says he is going to get a one night contract, AJ vs Magnus, winner take all.

Dixie says that if he loses she will have nothing, but Magnus says that if he doesn't fight, she will have nothing anyways. He accepts and Dixie storms to the back as Impact goes off the air.

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