TNA Impact Results With Video: AJ Returns, Title Change, Huge Match Announced For Next Week

Bully Ray vs Joseph Park

The bell rings and Bully is just standing still in the corner. Park starts inching closer and Bully just stands there. Park gets with in striking distance and Ray just kicks him in the nads for a disqualification.

Winner: Joseph Park

Bully takes out a bottle and starts pouring a liquid which is lighter fluid. A hilarious moment ensues where Park can clearly roll out of the ring, but stays in and gets covered. Bully takes out a lighter, but Anderson's music hits and Anderson hits the ring. Anderson gets sprayed with the lighter fluid and Bully pulls out the lighter, but leaves the ring.

We come back from ads and Spud and EC3 are standing in the ring which is all decked out with a throne in the middle. Spud says that tonight, history will be made. This event is much more important than the royal wedding from 2012, and tonight they are here to honor real royalty, and it starts with the queen herself, Dixie Carter. He says that he has dreamed of this moment his whole life, and Dixieland is a place where dreams come true.

But tonight isn't about just Dixie, but a man who is a king in stature and everyone's world champion, Magnus. At this time, Spud would like to present the Master of Ceremonies, EC3. EC3 says that they worship a king and a queen where Spud is from. However, in America, the 1% have all the power. EC3 talks about how he beat Sting, and that the world needs Carters. He says the real honor here goes to Magnus, who became the World Heavyweight Champion, and now rules the world. Behind every king there is a women, and this women is smart, cunning and his aunt.

Dixie comes down to the ring and she is air-kissed by EC3. She thanks the crowd, who boo her. She says that she is here to tell her a story that she has told a journalist many many times. She says she was on a flight and was reading a magazine with AJ Styles on the cover, but she flipped the page and saw a big article on a man who was a big star on television in Britain. This man took her breath away, and she knew she was going to sign him. She says he did it all on his own without any help and won the world title. She asks everyone to stand up to welcome Magnus.

Magnus comes down to the ring with the title and in a suit. Magnus takes a seat in the throne and says that this is their champion speaking, and they should all listen to him. Magnus thanks Spud and EC3 for their kind words that were richly deserved. He says he has to thank one more person before his coronation. He is of course referring to the one and only Dixie Carter. He says Dixie is the wind beneath his wings, and as he stands before her as her world champion, he is honored and humbled.

He addresses the crowd and says that they probably all thought that Bobby Roode, or Jeff Hardy was going to win the world title, but they didn't its him. He says they all turned their backs on him, so he returned the favor. He says that he is determined to be the world champion for a very, very long time.

Gunner's music hits and he has the briefcase that grants him a title shot at any time, but we go to commercial. When we come back Gunner is in the ring. He says that history hasn't been made, but tonight his history begins. He is ready to fight, and he is going to cash this in for his world title shot. Dixie says that this isn't happening, and Gunner tosses EC3 and Spud into the corners. Gunner goes for the torture rack, but Spud and EC3 come back and they beat him down.

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