WWE Live Event Results From Wilkes-Barre (1/10): Cena Vs. Orton, NXT Prospect In Action

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader @ralphtdog for sending in these results from tonight's WWE live event in Wilkes-Barre, PA:

The arena was about 80% full.

* Los Matadores (w/ El Torito) defeated Curtis Axel & Ryback in a very good match.

* Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara. Hunico played the part of Sin Cara. Del Rio was teasing giving away his shirt, and then slipped it to the girl next to me.

* The Bella Twins defeated Alicia Fox & Aksana in a good match.

* WWE Tag Team Champions The Rhodes Brothers defeated The Real Americans in a good match. Zeb Colter cut a promo before the match.


* The Primetime Players defeated 3MB (Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal with Heath Slater)

* Alexander Rusev defeated Justin Gabriel with the camel clutch. Rusev is huge! I'm not sure if Justin go injured or if he was selling, but the referee walked him to the back after the match.

* Main Event: John Cena defeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton via disqualification. This was a typical match with both men trading their finishers. There was a ref bump and Orton submitted to the STF, but the referee didn't see it. Orton then nailed Cena with a low blow to get himself intentionally disqualified. After the match, Orton went for the punt but Cena dodged it and hit Orton with an AA to send the crowd home happy.

John Cena and Goldust got the biggest pops of the night. Randy Orton by far got the most heat.