- Deadline.com has an interview with MLB Advanced Media CEO Bob Bowman at this link. MLBAM will be handling the infrastructure for the WWE Network. Bowman talked about the importance of the WWE Network to their company.

"Economically it's one of our largest clients for sure," said Bowman. "In that sense it's incredibly important. But what's more important than dollars is this is the most vertically integrated brand in America. WWE Network Vince McMahon controls everything soup to nuts from the idea in his head to how it appears on every screen around the world. And he just demonstrated [at CES] he's going to try and change what the economic rules are. He's in an ideal situation to do that. That's why a lot of the content players are going to watch this very carefully. As we've learned with music, a monthly subscription might be better than pay-per-view. It will ultimately be on every device and operating system that's imaginable. So the ability to take your content live and on-demand to every corner of the globe 24/7 is pretty appealing for a content publisher. All of the great partners that we have DirecTV, Comcast, things like that they're still U.S.-based services."

- Chuck Carroll, who used to co-host the 4th & Pain podcast, has an article here about WWE Superstars reacting to Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman cutting a WWE-esque promo last night after the Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers.

- FOX Sports has a short article at this link about Urban Meyer appearing at last night's WWE live event in Columbus, OH.

- Speaking of FOX Sports, Jim Ross noted that he is "this close" to signing a deal with FOX Sports that will see JR contribute on FOXSports.com.

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