CM Punk Talks His Contract Expiring, Inducting Warrior, Batista's Return, Lesnar Going Back To UFC

As noted earlier, Ariel Helwani of interviewed CM Punk at his home in Chicago, IL yesterday. Here are some notes from the interview:

- He said that his contract expires in July and that he doesn't know if he will stick around after it expires. Visit Wrestling Inc.He said that "everything is up in the air."

- Punk noted that he'll be at the UFC show on Saturday and that he asked for this weekend off. He said that he'll be at the Wizard World Comic-Con today. He also said that WWE no longer makes comments about him appearing at UFC events, even though they gave him a lot of flack for almost accompanying Chael Sonnen to the cage a few years ago.

- Punk said that he threw his name in the hat to induct The Ultimate Warrior at the Hall of Fame. He admitted that Hulk Hogan appeared to be the favorite to do the induction, but noted that they "hated each other." He said that while he has never met The Warrior, he talks to him a lot.

- Punk said he was critical of The Rock coming back because of the "part time status," and doesn't feel like guys should come back just to get a WrestleMania spot. However, he is fine with Batista returning since he signed a two year deal and is "in for the long haul" and is a full time guy. Visit Wrestling Inc.Punk also said that he could beat Batista in a jiu-jitsu match.

- Punk said that he kind of believes that Brock Lesnar would like to return to the UFC. He doesn't know if Lesnar has spoken to UFC President Dana White, but thinks that Brock has doubts and gets the urge to fight because he was sick for half of his UFC career. Visit Wrestling Inc.He doesn't get the sense that Lesnar will return to the UFC, but he feels like "he'd like to."

- About the Michelle Beadle – AJ Lee incident, Punk said that Beadle had a group of women with her and walked past him and said some "disrespectful sh-t," specifically, "what's up f-ck face." He said that his girlfriend [Lee] pulled Beadle aside, introduced herself and said, "don't be disrespecting my boyfriend." Beadle said, "OK," and that was it. He said that Beadle and himself are no longer buddies.

- About the WWE Network, the wrestlers don't know how it will affect their pay and pay-per-view bonuses.