Tonight's episode of Impact opens with a recap of the events leading to MVP being revealed as the investor. MVP and the Wolves are shown arriving at the arena. Then, Eric Young and Abyss are shown fighting backstage.

Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay are on commentary.

Monster's Ball Match
Eric Young vs. Abyss

Young is firmly in charge of Abyss. They fight to the ramp. Abyss clubs Young in the back. Abyss strikes Young down to the ring. Young picks up a pipe and clubs Abyss in the back with it. He hits Abyss in the stomach and back, and then tosses the pipe away. Abyss backdrops Young to the floor. Abyss flips up the apron and pulls out a table. He sets it up. Abyss signals for a chokeslam, but Young hits elbows to the head. Abyss tosses Young into the ring and throws a chair in after him. He dumps a bunch of weapons in the ring from a trashcan, and then goes to enter the ring. Young kicks Abyss through the ropes, and then hits him with a suicide dive. Young tries to take Abyss's mask off, but Abyss stops him.

Abyss slams Young face first into the apron. Abyss gets in the ring and grabs a chair. He sets it up in the corner as Young climbs the turnbuckle behind him. He leaps off, and Abyss catches him. Abyss hits a clothesline. Abyss brings another chair into the ring and sets it on Young. Abyss goes to drop on Young, but Young turns the chair sideways. Young hits multiple strikes. Abyss whips Young to the apron. Young goes up top and lands a missile dropkick. Abyss sends Young head first into the chair he set up in the corner. Abyss hits a chokeslam and gets a near pin fall.

Abyss exits the ring and lifts up the apron. He pulls out a sack of tacks. Abyss dumps them all over the mat. He grabs Young and sets him up top. Abyss climbs up for a superplex. Young fights back and sunset flips Abyss into the tacks. Young picks up a handful of tacks and puts them in his mouth. He spits them all over Abyss and then goes up top. Abyss hits him off, and Young crashes through the table he set up earlier. Abyss tosses Young back inside and goes for the pin, but Young puts his foot on the rope. Abyss goes back under the ring and pulls out Janice. Young pulls off Abyss's mask. Abyss tosses Janice away and hits the black hole slam for the win.

Winner: Abyss

Abyss looks all confused. He picks up his mask and a broken piece of glass and stares at his face. Abyss shakes his head no and drops the glass.

Then, Bobby Roode approaches Dixie Carter backstage with a contract for a match against Magnus for the title. He asks her to sign it, and she says she can't. Things have changed. She says she's not in control like she has been. Roode doesn't care, and keeps asking her to sign it. She says Joe is the number one contender. She says she'll book him in a match against Joe, and if he wins then he can have Magnus at Lockdown. Roode doesn't want to do it. He tells Dixie that if it's a set up it's going to come back to bite her in the butt.

Back from commercial and MVP comes out to the ring. He picks up a mic and cuts a promo about where he's been and that he's come to TNA to make a change.

Rockstar Spud interrupts MVP and asks him to meet Dixie Carter and introduce himself to her backstage. MVP reveals that he has scheduled a match pitting Magnus against Kurt Angle in a non-title match.

Then, Billy Ray is backstage with a coffin. He says that Ken Anderson took his family from him, and next week he is going to take Anderson from his family. Bully says that the next person he sees is going into the coffin to pay for their sins.

Back from commercial and Chris Sabin is backstage. He says that Velvet Sky broke his heart last week, but he doesn't want to accept it. She's worth waiting for, and he wants to do something special for her in the room he's in.

Then, Curry Man comes down to the ring. Bully Ray comes down with the coffin. He gets into the ring and tells Curry Man he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bully Ray just stands there. Curry Man charges, and Bully puts a boot up. He takes his hoodie off and pile drives Curry Man. Bully drags Curry Man outside and puts him in the coffin. He looks at the camera and says he's going to end Ken Anderson's career.

Magnus is then shown backstage talking to Dixie. Magnus is worried about facing Angle, and Dixie says that he'll be fine. Magnus leaves, and Ethan Carter comes in. He says he has something important to talk about, and Dixie says she doesn't have time. Ethan says that she doesn't have time for blood, and Dixie suggests they get together in a week as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Austin Aries comes down to the ring. He says he's the X Division Champion. He has said many times that the title doesn't make the man; the man makes the title. Aries says that he has held every title in TNA. He says he's also the man that created option C, and that allowed him to cash in the X Division title for a World Heavyweight Championship shot. He says he's going to repeat those actions, and the Bro Mans music hits.

They come out on the apron and distract Aries. Zema Ion attacks Aries from behind with his case. Zema calls out a ref to cash in.

X Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

A ref runs down, and Zema goes for the pin. Aries kicks out. He tosses Aries out of the ring. He kicks Aries through the ropes. Aries fights back, but Zema tosses him into the barrier. Zema sends Aries back inside and hits a DDT. He goes up top and leaps off with a corkscrew, but Aries moves. Aries hits a discus forearm, and tosses Zema behind him. He hits Zema with a dropkick in the corner, and the Brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Back from commercial and Samuel Shaw is shown with Christy Hemme. What happened between them last week is recapped. Then, he is shown approaching her from behind. She is weirded out by his collection of Hemme stuff. She tells him he is a great guy, but they need to keep things professional. He says okay and she walks off.

Then, Bobby Roode is shown ranting about Dixie Carter. He is angry he has to face Joe, and Magnus walks up from behind. He says it's Roode's job to do what Dixie says, not a favor. Magnus tells Roode to stop complaining and focus on his opponent. Roode brings up the fact that Joe made Magnus tap out, and Magnus says that he will tap out any day of the week when the title isn't on the line. Roode wishes Magnus good luck against Angle and leaves.

Dixie and Spud are shown backstage again. MVP walks in and introduces himself. Dixie talks about how she's built the company from the ground up. MVP says it's impressive, and asks her to elaborate. Dixie says the talent roster is the most important thing and that the roster loves working with her. MVP brings up AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy, and Dixie dismisses them as bad apples. Dixie says that MVP will get a great rub off working with her. MVP says her reputation fuels his desire to work with her. MVP says they'll start in the ring, and they should discuss the future in the ring in front of the fans. Dixie brings up the fact that MVP made the match between Magnus and Angle behind her back, and MVP gets up and says in all fairness.

Kurt Angle vs. Magnus

They circle each other and chain wrestle. Magnus hits a shoulder tackle. Angle lands a Suplex. He strikes Magnus around the ring. Magnus comes back with a shot to the gut. He chops Angle. Angle kicks Magnus in the shoulder and hits a trio of German suplexes. Angle goes for the Angle slam, and Magnus takes a cheap shot to the face. He slams Angle to the mat. Magnus goes up top. Angle runs up and suplexes him off. He locks Magnus in the ankle lock. Ethan Carter runs out and chop blocks Angle from behind.

Winner via DQ: Kurt Angle

Carter keeps attacking Angle after the match. They brawl outside the ring. Carter pushes on Angle's eyes. He hits Angle in the knee with a chair. Angle rolls back in the ring, and Carter follows. He locks Angle in a leg submission. The ref tries to break it up, but Carter won't break the hold. He eventually does, and Angle rolls away as the ref checks on him. Carter stares on from the ramp as Angle is loaded onto a stretcher.

Back from commercial and Samoa Joe is checking on Kurt Angle. He sees the camera and yells about how Dixie started a war with the wrong man. It doesn't matter if he has to stand alone, they will all pay.

Then, Eric Young is shown. He's asked about Monster's Ball earlier. Young says crazy is the only thing Abyss understands. He pulled off his mask and showed Abyss who he really is, and now he doesn't know what's going to happen.

The events leading up to Velvet Sky leaving Chris Sabin are shown. Then, Chris Sabin is shown. He thanks the camera and audio man for being there and says that he and Velvet's first kiss happened in the room they're in. He pulls out what looks like a ring, and Velvet Sky enters. She asks about the cameras, and he asks her to sit.

Back from commercial and Sabin proposes to Velvet Sky, but when he opens the ring box it's empty. He launches into a tirade about how he's sick of her and wants her out of his life. He will prove that he was always the superstar in their relationship, and challenges her to a match next week.

He says that he tells her when it's over, and says that they're through. She starts crying and Sabin walks off.

Then, Samoa Joe becoming the number one contender is recapped.

Number One Contender's Match
Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode

They lock up and Joe takes control. He hits Roode with a splash. He charges Roode in the corner, connects, and then hits an enziguri. Joe chokes Roode with his boot. Roode comes back with a back elbow. He tries to Suplex Joe from the apron, but Joe stops him. Roode dropkicks Joe to the outside. He sends Joe back inside and then hits a neckbreaker. They exchange chops. Roode goes up top and leaps off, catching Joe with a neckbreaker. He kicks Joe and locks in his head from behind.

The ref breaks the hold. Joe lands several punches, and a back elbow. Roode comes back with a kick, but Joe hits an inverted atomic drop. Joe goes for a backsplash, but Roode moves. Joe lands several slaps. Roode spinebusters Joe. Joe hits a powerslam. He sets Roode up top and picks him up for a muscle buster. Roode gets out and lands a clothesline from behind. Roode picks Joe up on his shoulders. Joe gets off, and locks in a rear naked choke. Roode fights out and chops Joe. He charges Joe, and Joe catches him and slams him to the mat. Joe sets Roode up top and hits the muscle buster. He locks in the Coquina Clutch, and Roode taps.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Back from commercial and Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud come out. They introduce MVP, and he comes out.

Carter talks about where everyone should go from here, and how she wants everyone to follow her lead to be successful. MVP talks about how Dixie has destroyed TNA and says her reign of terror is over. He didn't come to be passive. He's going to be very hands on, and the party is over. His music hits and Dixie and Rockstar exit the ring and leave up the ramp to end the show.

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