- In a correction from earlier, several readers who were at tonight's RAW at the Staples Center in Los Angeles noted that Michael Cole didn't actually take the microphone and say "go away" when fans were chanting for CM Punk before tonight's RAW. Cole's response apparently came through on the live feed before the show began, with Cole saying "go away" and "won't last long" when the chants started.

- As noted earlier, Seth Rollins took the microphone while the Dean Ambrose - Mark Henry U.S. title match was on break and responded to the crowd chanting "CM Punk." Rollins took the mic and said, "CM Who?" The outburst was actually shown on the WWE App, and you can watch it at WWE.com by clicking here. Rollins said:

"CM who? That's Dean Ambrose right there, that's the United States champion! That's the man you all wish you could be, and that's the man all your ladies want to be with tonight!"

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