WWE Live Event Results From Las Vegas (2/16): Daniel Bryan Asks Kane To Hug It Out, Batista

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Ryan Roberts for sending in these results from tonight's WWE live event in Las Vegas:

* Big E. beat Ryback in a surprisingly good IC Title match. Ryback was pretty over being from Las Vegas. After the match, Ryback took the mic and said he doesn't need support from the losers of this city.

* The Bella Twins beat Tamina Snuka/Summer Rae when Brie pinned Tamina. Crowd loved the Bellas. Surprisingly big pop for them.

* The New Age Outlaws beat Real Americans and The Usos in a 3-way Tag Title March. Billy Gunn tagged himself in as an Uso was going for the splash on Swagger. Billy threw him out and grabbed the pin. The Rhodes Brothers were advertised for this match, but did not appear.

* Fans choice for a dance off or a match between Fandango and Kofi Kingston up next. Dance off won 52-48%. Kofi danced to MJ's "Beat It" and the fans ate it up. Kofi was announced the winner then Fandango attacked him only to eat a Trouble in Paradise 15 seconds later. No match happened unfortunately.

* Christian, Sheamus & Daniel Bryan beat The Shield in a 6 man tag match. Rey Mysterio was advertised for this match, but was replaced by Bryan. Christian was in the ring 90% of the match, but Bryan picked up the win with the running knee on Ambrose.

While Bryan was celebrating by himself in the ring, Kane came out looking for an apology. Bryan asked him to hug it out. Kane tried to chokeslam Bryan and then got hit with the running knee.


* Bray Wyatt beat Dolph Ziggler in the match of the night IMO. Wyatt vs. Bryan was the advertised match. We can thank Mysterio for ruining that. But none the less, Dolph was stealing the show then Wyatt hit a running Sister Abigail for the win.

* Batista beat Alberto Del Rio with a Batista Bomb. Far and away the worst match of the night. 20 mins of Del Rio beating on Batista, then running into the crowd, up the ramp, etc. Batista maybe hit 4 moves the entire match and won. Terrible match.

* The main event saw Randy Orton beat John Cena in a cage match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Cena was on the top rope trying to climb the cage when Orton hit a low blow. Cena fell from the top rope to the mat and Orton climbed out the door. After Orton grabbed a chair and came back in only to get an AA. John Cena then celebrated his loss and we ended the show.

Biggest Pops:
John Cena
Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton/The Shield
Kofi and the Bellas get an honorable mention. The crowd was really into everybody. No real heat.

Most Heat:
Nobody really. Not much booing going on.

CM Punk chants only broke out twice for 10 seconds or so, both times during the Wyatt / Ziggler match.