Steve Austin Talks Never Having A Big Run With Hulk Hogan, If Undertaker's Streak Should Be Broken

As noted earlier, WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin appeared on the first episode of Jim Ross' new podcast, The Ross Report. Ross' second podcast, which just dropped last night, features part two of his interview with Austin. Both parts are a great listen, you can check them out below. During part 1, Austin and JR talked WrestleMania, including The Undertaker's streak and why a major match with Hulk Hogan never transpired.

JR and Austin discussed The Undertaker's streak and if it's the biggest match at WrestleMania. Austin noted that the streak has been a big part of WrestleMania after "it became a thing," which took a few years. Austin said that it will never be done again, and he doesn't want to see 21-1. He does not see the streak being broken, nor does he want it to. JR noted that he'd like to see Undertaker face John Cena in Undertaker's retirement match at WrestleMania 32 in Cowboys Stadium. Austin said that he still wants to see Undertaker with his hand raised, but Cena is bulletproof and he would be elevated to another level, if that's even possible. Austin noted that a match with Cena would put doubt in people's minds as to who would win and if the streak would stay intact.

Austin was also asked if he had any regrets for never working a major program with Hulk Hogan. The two did square off for a minute during a tag team match on RAW right before WrestleMania 18, which you can watch above. Austin said that at the time he was running real hard and was "hard headed as hell," and that he wasn't about to do a job for Hogan because the word then was that Hogan wasn't willing to do the favors for anyone. Austin said that while Hogan was open to having a match, he wasn't because he felt that their styles would clash and that the match wouldn't live up to his standards. At that time, Austin could go and he felt that Hogan would have been a step or two behind him, which wasn't acceptable to him. He won't do a high profile match just for a payoff. He said that if he wasn't as hard headed at the time, then a program should have happened, and he has the utmost respect for Hogan and everything he's done.

Austin brought up Hogan's match with The Rock at WrestleMania 18, and noted how they had the crowd in their palm of their hands. He said that it was one of the most electric crowds that he had ever seen, and that it was an unbelievable matchup, even though they didn't have to do much. He said that everything they did in that match meant so much and got an unbelievable response, and he took his hat off to both men for the match they put on.

Once again, it's a great listen, you can check out both episodes below:

Part 1:

Part 2: