Thanks to reader @maness5 for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Johnson City, TN:

TNA put on a pretty good show tonight. Most of the talent obviously wasn't there due to the Outbreak PPV, but still a fun show. I would say there were around 700 or so people in the building, and the crowd was hot all night, too.

Here are the results:

Everything started with Gunner coming out and telling James Storm to get out to the ring for a fight. Storm came out, and they went back and forth for a bit. Storm said Gunner will have to wait another night for a fight. Gunner then called Storm a coward, and Storm said he's not a coward, and they'll fight later tonight.

Chris Sabin & DJ Zema Ion vs. Manik & Kenny King

This was the first match of the night, and the most entertaining. All four men put on a really good match. Lots of fast paced action throughout. Kenny King actually worked as a face tonight, too. The last time we saw him he was a heel.

There were some funny spots throughout the match. Both teams traded getting up on the ropes for crowd reaction. At one point, Manik grabbed Zema's headphones and put them on. When he put the headphones on, they started playing some old school rap music over the speaker. Then, King got the headphones and started jamming, too. At this point, Ion attacked King from behind and got the advantage.

The coolest spot of the match happened when Manik knocked both Sabin and Ion out of the ring. Manik then tagged in Kenny King, who took off running and did a flying corkscrew out of the ring on both guys.

The finish saw Sabin get knocked out of the ring. Then, King hit his finisher on Ion, tagged in Manik, who hit a top rope splash for the win.

Winners: Manik & Kenny King

After the first match, JB come out talking about giving away backstage passes to people in the crowd. At this point, Rockstar Spud came out. He went on about how as Chief of Staff, no one will be getting backstage passes. After making fun of people from Tennessee for a few minutes, AC/DC started playing. Out came the dynamic duo of Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum. Norvbo as he referred to himself got on the mic and went back and forth with Spud. Norv said, if they win, the fans get to go backstage. They made it like it would be Spud vs. Barnes and Fernum, but Spud said they had to beat the guy he picked. Out came ECIII.

Ethan Carter III vs. Dewey Barnes & Norv Fernum

Pretty much about what you would expect out of this match. There was very little offense out of Barnes & Fernum. They got the upper hand late in the match, but ECIII hit a double clothesline, followed by a double One Timer for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

After the match, Spud got back on the mic going on about the fans not going backstage. All of a sudden, ODB's music hits, and out she comes to a big pop. The match was made that if ODB wins, then the fans get to go backstage. Spud agreed.

ODB vs. Rockstar Spud

Spud had the upper hand for most of the match. After every move, Spud would grab a megaphone and start talking it up. Finally, Spud grabbed the megaphone like he was gonna hit ODB, but Barnes and Fernum grabbed it from him. Spud turned around and ODB hit her finisher for the win.

Winner: ODB

Samuel Shaw vs. Chase Owens

Shaw was out first. I must say, this guy plays a really good creep. I honestly think there is some potential in Shaw, if he's booked right.

Out next was Owens who is a good, young wrestler from around this area. Owens got on the mic and said something about how he has been watching Impact the last few weeks, and Shaw is one creepy b*****d. This started the creepy b*****d chants from the crowd.

The match probably lasted ten minutes at the most. Shaw had control most of the match. Owens got some offense going, then he went to the top and missed. Shaw measured him up and slapped on his submission hold for the win.

Winner: Samuel Shaw

Johnson City Street Fight: Gunner vs. James Storm

Gunner came out first with a trash can of stuff. He handed out American flags to some in the front row. Gunner then got on the mic and had all military people stand up for a round of applause. Then, he had everyone stand and say the pledge of allegiance.

Out next was Storm. I think it took a bit for a lot of people to realize that Storm is now a heel. Not long after the match started, the crowd figured out that Storm was the heel. Lots of heat on Storm in this match once it got going.

The match went back and forth, then Storm got the advantage. Storm brought in the trash can which had a broom, and a wet floor sign. Then, Storm grabbed a chair in brought in that he wedged in the corner ropes. They fought back and forth for a bit, then Storm threw Gunner into the chair in the corner.

The match ended with Gunner hitting a Rock Bottom like side slam, then, he went to the top and hit a flying headbutt for the win. It was a pretty anti-climactic finish for a Street Fight.

Winner: Gunner

Intermission while they set up the cage.

Main Event: Steel Cage Match, 2 out of 3 Falls
Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

I basically saw this same match a little over a month ago in Bristol, but it was Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe at that show.

Anderson came out first to a big pop. He circled the ring greeting the fans. When he made it back to the entrance, Bully came down and jumped him from behind. Bully then threw Anderson in the ring and started going off on Earl Hebner. Bully told Hebner to ring the bell or he was gonna throw him into the cage. Hebner reluctantly rang the bell. Bully covered Anderson and Hebner slowly counted to 3.

First Fall: Bully Ray

The second fall started with Bully going for the cheap pin again, but Anderson kicked out. Bully then argued with Hebner in the corner and started pointing into his chest. Hebner then got back with Bully and kind of shoved him back. Anderson then rolled Bully up and got the 3 count to win the second fall.

Second Fall: Mr. Anderson

The third fall was back and forth throughout the match. Hebner ended up getting knocked down in the corner. Anderson hit the Mic Check, but Hebner wasn't alert to count. At this point, Samuel Shaw got into the cage. He grabbed Bully's chain and clotheslined Anderson, then left the ring. Bully then went for the cover, but Anderson kicked out at 2. The match went for another minute or two, then, Anderson hit the Mic Check for the 3 count, and the win.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

After the match, Anderson was on the mic doing his spill. Bully tried to act like he won the match. Anderson said they have been through a lot and extended his hand. Bully then shook Anderson's hand, but tried to attack him. Anderson ducked and hit another Mic Check to end the show.

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