Thanks to readers @sethmikey and Alan Cressman for sending in these notes from last night's Jim Ross show in New York City:

- The show was advertised for 4pm, but didn't start until 5pm, which was annoying. However, the stories were great. Tommy Dreamer and Joey Styles were in attendance.

- He talked about growing up on a farm. He also noted that Randy Savage should be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

- He felt like Vince let him sign Mick Foley thinking that he would fail, and that it would teach him a lesson about vouching for someone that didn't make it.

- He told the same Vince McMahon story that we posted yesterday.

- The only thing he knew about the Montreal screwjob was that the finish was going to be a DQ. He believes that it was truly an old school screwjob.

- He told a story about Dick Murdoch holding hands with a transvestite.

- He talked about Owen Hart's death and said that he saw Owen fall from the corner of his eye while watching the monitor. He talked about how hard it was to announce that Owen died that night, and he hasn't ever watched it.

- He also told a story about Ric Flair being in a limo with two girls. He whipped out his junk, and the girls left.

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