- MVP appeared on the Roman Show promoting this Sunday's TNA Lockdown PPV. During the interview, MVP discussed why he signed with TNA.

"I came to TNA to make it a better product for TNA and wrestling fans," MVP said, via The Miami Herald. "TNA has always had tremendous talent. The roster has had talent for a long time. I've said I've wanted TNA to succeed. The more companies in pro wrestling, the best for the wrestlers and fans. You have options."

- Country music superstar Toby Keith's big announcement today had nothing to do with Jeff Jarrett's new promotion. He announced the dates and locations for his "Shut Up & Hold On" tour this summer.

- Jesse Sorensen recently attempted to auction off the neck brace for $50 that he wore for several months after he broke his neck. He didn't receive any bids on the item.

- Rockstar Spud did a recent podcast with Steve Knight, which you can listen to here.

- Additional motions were presented at the February 21st hearing and February 27th trial date in the DUI case of Paige Nicole Mayo, f.k.a. SoCal Val. No resolution was reached and a new status hearing has been scheduled for March 13th. It is not known when or if a new trial date will be scheduled at that hearing. A status hearing is usually just a procedural item to update how a case is progressing.

The former Knockout was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and leaving the scene of an accident with property damage last August in Orlando, Florida. She previously waived her right to a speedy trial that would have mandated a trial date start within 90 days of arrest in Florida.

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