As noted earlier, Coaster Boy Josh interviewed Roman Reigns for the "Road To WrestleMania 30 Podcast," which you can listen to above. During the interview, Reigns discussed his football background, traveling with The Shield, signing with WWE and more. He also revealed that WWE wanted The Shield to actually debut carrying fiberglass riot shields with the word "SHIELD" written on them.

"We just pictured trying to get in the ring with these things," Reigns said, who admitted that the idea was lame. "For years now, you go into the ring a certain way, and you're not usually carrying a huge, plastic shield."

Reigns said that they were worried when they were going to make their WWE debut about not being able to get into the ring with the shields. Before they went out, Vince asked them if they were "wussies" to be needing shields, and they replied no.

"Good, leave them," Vince said.

Reigns was also asked if he would rather win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania or end The Undertaker's streak. Reigns replied, "retaining the title while ending the streak." He said that ending the streak is a goal, but sometimes things aren't meant to be broken. He then admitted that he feels like the streak should "just be the streak" and some records are meant to live.

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