'WWE Extreme Rules' Results - Daniel Bryan Defends, The Shield Meets Evolution, More

Bryan drives the forklift to the ring and raises the pallet up with Kane, above the top rope. Bryan tilts the forks and Kane rolls off into the ring. Bryan climbs up on the forks and steps out onto the pallet. Bryan leads a big "yes!" chant before leaping off with a diving headbutt on Kane. Bryan covers but Kane kicks out at 2. Bryan gets another chant going. Kane sits up and goes for a chokeslam but it's botched. Kane nails it and covers for a 2 count.

Kane grabs a chair and cuts his own throat. Bryan counters a Tombstone on the chair and DDT's Kane for a 2 count. Bryan with chairshots to the back now, several of them. Bryan with the Yes Lock now. Kane breaks the hold and smacks Bryan with a kendo stick. Bryan uses the kendo stick as leverage in the hold. Kane pulls himself out of the ring and breaks the hold. Bryan dives through the ropes but Kane catches him in mid-air and chokeslams him through the announcers table. Kane sets up a regular table at ringside. He pulls out some gasoline from under the ring and soaks the table. Kane lights the table on fire. Kane goes to the apron but Bryan counters and knocks him through the burning table. Crew members immediately spray Kane with fire extinguishers. This sends Kane stumbling into the ring where Bryan nails the flying knee for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

- After the match, Bryan celebrates with his belts. Kane recovers and sends Bryan running. Bryan retreats to the stage and Kane makes it explode. Extreme Rules goes off the air with Kane's music playing as he and Bryan stare each other down.

- The post-show opens with the panel talking about what just happened. Sheamus says Extreme Rules was one of the best pay-per-views he's seen. We see a press conference setting in the back as they wait on Daniel Bryan. Fans leaving the arena start chanting for Sheamus. The panel talks more about Kane and Bryan. - We go backstage for Bryan's post-match press conference. He's asked if this was the most brutal match of his career and how he's feeling. He's thrilled but his body feels horrible. Bryan is asked if it's the same Kane he once tagged with. Bryan says Kane has changed but he's still the same person. Bryan isn't sure if he and Kane are done. He's still upset about Kane putting his hands on Brie. Bryan says the fans are the reason for everything. He thanks them for supporting him. Bryan says he loves to wrestle but he can also fight. Bryan expected the match to be brutal but not that brutal. We go back to the panel.

- The panel talks more about John Cena and Bray Wyatt. We see press conference video of The Wyatt Family. Bray says he came from nothing and has never been anything but tonight he is something. They tip the table over on the way out. We get a look back at The Shield defeating Evolution. We see The Shield at the press conference earlier. Rollins says they are better than everybody and make everyone step their game up. Reigns says they aren't worried about how The Authority will retaliate. They talk more about dominating and what makes them more of a team than Evolution. Rollins said that Orton was soft when he started his career. We go back to the panel for more talk on The Shield. The panel goes over the other matches at Extreme Rules. We get press conference video of Cesaro and Paul Heyman next. Heyman says pretty soon everyone will have a score to settle with Cesaro because there's not one person in the locker room that Cesaro can't beat. Heyman apologizes to Cesaro for subjecting him to this post-match press conference and we go back to the panel. Mathews sends us back to post-match conference video with Zeb and Swagger. Swagger says he isn't jealous of Cesaro. Zeb says they're focused on singles competition but are also still looking for a new partner for Swagger. RVD's post-match presser is next. He says he definitely has unfinished business with Cesaro. RVD says there will be another night and we'll see what happens then. We go back to the panel to talk about Bad News Barrett defeating Big E.

- We get post-match presser footage from Barrett and Big E. The panel wraps it up finally and that's it for the post-show.

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