Source: notes that recent reports indicating that Batista didn't want to put over Daniel Bryan at WWE Payback due to his size are incorrect.

A source close to the situation said the following in response to those reports:

"WWE wants that story out, but it's all twisted. (Batista) would do five jobs for Bryan. They've f---ed him in money, booking, broken promises (relating to his) schedule, and promoting his (outside projects). Had that not happened, he would be around until late June, but because Vince (McMahon) f---ed him, he's not, so they dragged Daniel Bryan into this to vilify Batista. Daniel is beloved and a martyr so he benefits, but it has nothing to do with jobbing. They've twisted. It's classic Vince. Look at Ultimate Warrior and SummerSlam, Bret Hart in Montreal. (Vince) puts out his narrative. There are always two sides."

Word is that the situation remains in doubt and Vince McMahon is now more involved in trying to work things out with Batista. There is no official word on how long Batista intends on working for WWE before taking time off.

Regarding why Bryan vs. Batista was not booked if Batista is sticking around through Payback, it was said that the feeling is Bryan vs. Batista should be a multi pay-per-view feud and that was unlikely because of Batista needing time off to promote Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

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