Thanks to reader TByrd for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Hattiesburg, MS:

X Division Championship 3 way match: Sanada v Tigre Uno v DJZ

DJZ played the heel with Tigre Uno seemingly more over with the crowd than Sanada, all three get in some offense but Sanada gets the win with a super kick off the top rope to a pin.

Knockouts Title: Velvet Sky v Madison Rayne (c)
Velvet played the heel and used a lot of delay tactics early in the match. During the match Velvet Sky kept saying to Earl Hebner "look at me" and then "look at her" encouraging him to count faster for her. At the end Rayne pushed Sky who fell into Earl Hebner's arms... He planted a big wet one on her and when she stood up stunned Rayne rolled her up for the win.

Gunner v Bobby Lashley

Gunner came out as the face saluting the military and leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. This was a very physical match, easily the most physical of the night. After trading offense Gunner got the advantage and went to the top rope. Lashley pushes Brian Hebner into the rope knocking Gunner to the mat. As he gets up Lashley nails him with a vicious spear for the win. After the match Lashley starts to go after Gunner but Gunner hits him with a press slam and a flying headbutt off the top ropes.

James Storm v Bully Ray

James Storm comes out to a small pop. Bully Ray comes out to a large pop and cuts a promo on Dixie Carter. He says he and James Storm doesnt have any problems but since they are having a match they may as well make it a good one and says they should leave it up to the crowd what kind of match they should have. The choose tables and James Storm says no and marches back towards the stage. Bully Ray calls him back to the ring having the crowd chant "chicken". James Storms comes back saying he'll never be called a chicken and goes for some cheap heat with the crowd. Bully Ray goes down and grabs "The Sign Guy"s "Cowgirl" James Storm sign and shows it to the crowd saying he'll quit calling him a chicken but cant help it if he's a cowgirl. Storm mounts most of the offense in the match using the tag team rope to choke out Bully Ray. While Bully Ray is down Storm goes to drink some more of his beer and when Bully Ray gets up Storm spits the beer in his face. While Bully Ray is out Storm goes to grab Bully Ray's chain and is preparing to hit him with it. Earl Hebner spies the chain and wrestles it from Storm's hand. Bully Ray uses the distraction to quickly pick up Storm and slam him through the table for the win. After the match Bully Ray signs a piece of the broken table and gives it to a girl in a wheelchair at the ringside.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Rockstar Spud & ECIII v The Wolves (c)

This was a comedy match all the way through with the Wolves getting the win. After the match the Wolves want to sing happy birthday to Earl Hebner and Rockstar Spud comes out saying he's the only one in this company that can sing. Earl Hebner gives Rockstar Spud a slightly unsteady body slam.

Main Event TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Magnus v Eric Young (c)

A touch of comedy from Eric Young but the offense goes back and forth, they spend some of the match outside the ring. Eric Young hits the piledriver for the win.

They mentioned the sign guy a lot by name and used several of his signs during the matches. Gunner v Lashley was the best match of the night.

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