WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Top Stars Qualify For MITB, Stretcher Match, Stephanie Gets Sick

Back from the break and Wyatt is in control. More back and forth. Wyatt with another pin attempt. Sheamus nails a bunch of elbows and tosses Wyatt to the apron for the forearm shots to the chest. Wyatt blocks White Noise and kicks Sheamus in the face. Sheamus catches Wyatt with a big powerslam. The match falls apart when The Usos and Rowan and Harper get involved with a ladder. Sheamus holds a ladder as a ramp over the ropes while The Usos run up it and leap out onto The Wyatt Family. Sheamus tosses the ladder at Rowan and Harper. His music hits and he poses with The Usos as Rowan and Harper try to recover.

Winner by DQ: Sheamus

- Vickie walks up on Triple H and Stephanie in their office with the coffee. Triple H accidentally knocks it all over her. They send her on her way.

- Still to come, comedian Kevin Hart and the big battle royal. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see the lights flashing on the ambulance beside the stage. Cole hypes tonight's Stretcher Match.

- Renee Young is backstage with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie is still drinking what Vickie brought her. Renee asks Stephanie who she thinks will win the battle royal tonight. Stephanie starts to get a little flustered. She runs off in a hurry and says may the best man win. Paul Heyman walks up and cuts a promo on Money In the Bank. He gives a spoiler - Cesaro will win. Heyman says that's not just a prediction, that's a spoiler.

- We get a look back at Rusev's recent medal ceremony.

Heath Slater vs. Rusev

Heath Slater waits in the ring and Lawler mentions he's a one man band now. Justin Roberts introduces Lana and Rusev. No promo on the stage for Lana tonight. Rusev comes out waving the Russian flag.

Lana takes the mic in the ring as fans chant USA. She tells them to shut up and listen. More heat from the crowd. She says America is a nation founded by weaklings. She goes on and praises Russian President Vladimir Putin, showing his face on the big screen as fans boo. Lana says out time is fast approaching that we will be forced to drop to our knees. She shows a graphic of Mount Rushmore replaced with Putin, Rusev, Stalin and Gorbachev. Rusev cuts a promo and says he is the super athlete. We get ready for the match but Slater has something to say. Slater says week after week they come out here talking about how good Russia is and if it's so good, maybe they should go back. Fans pop for Slater. He says he and the fans are tired of hearing it. Tonight, Rusev is going against The American Rockstar in the USA, Slater says. The bell rings and Slater unloads on Rusev.

Rusev fires back and levels Slater with a superkick. Lana tells Rusev to crush. He stomps on Slater and applies The Accolade for the easy win.

Winner: Rusev

- After the match, Lana comes in the ring and Rusev breaks the hold. They pose as we go to replays.

- We see Triple H backstage checking on Stephanie. She's shut herself in a bathroom and sounds like she's throwing up. Triple H asks Vickie what she put in the coffee and she says nothing. Triple H sends Vickie into the bathroom to check on Stephanie but before she walks in, two huge blasts of puke hit Stephanie in the face. Stephanie comes out hunched over and she's crying. Vickie is covered in puke and looks like she's about to puke herself. Triple H tells her she's in charge tonight and to make sure everything goes right with the battle royal. Vickie throws a fit and starts screaming after they leave. We go to commercial.

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